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About a week ago there was a knock on the door.Fred and Mary were standing at our front door.When I opened the door, Mary blurted out..."WE heard Judy had surgery so we can to help."They had brought a hot dish and a cake.WE invited them in.  They had no idea what surgery Judy had, but they wanted...
Well, the weather man sorta got it right.We were expected to get an inch.Well, close to 3 inches fell.While that is just more of a nuisance, it is a welcome sight.I know farmer friends that were trying to  put a few fence posts in and it 4 inches of frozen ground.The small lakes have 6 inches of ...
Just what you always wanted.A fireplace.  One that burns real wood, not those fancy gas contraptions.But, before you get to excited think about  this...Remember, Wood fireplace uses air from inside the home.That air needs to be replaced, so the home needs to draw air from outside...COLD air.So, w...
And it has happened again. Hi Bill, We love the house.WE want to make an offer.WE will offer them 10% below what they are asking.   Now I have counseled these buyers for several weeks.I have also told them that their Uncle may be thinking he is helping them but he really is not. "The market is sl...
Yes it is the start of the weekend.It should be a busy one on many fronts.A good amount of showings all set.Some shopping to get done before the final push.And, some outdoor chores to finish as the weather will be nice. Then maybe some time with the grand kids.Have a great weekend!   The sun is c...
Yes, it is Christmas time and decorations are getting into full swing.I know a few people who put up a real tree.Some were cut before the Thanksgiving holiday and some after.Makes no difference...it needs to be watered!To start with, unless you just cut it yourself, cut off an inch or two off the...
For those out in the east in all the snow, I do feel for you, but...Right no it is a good place for the snow.I need another 10 days or so to finish some much needed chores.But please be careful and stay safe.  Don't overdo the shoveling.  That is the greatest risk for most people.  I know many of...
So you are looking to sell during the holiday's.But you also like to decorate.So where do you draw the line?Do you full out decorate?Do you include ethenic decor?How about  a religious motive? These are very important decisions to make.Think long and hard.It could be the difference between a sale...
Well, it is the end of the weekend and time to relax for a little while.No, not watching the Vikings and Green Bay.   Personal reasons!But, a friend of mine sent me a funny church sign.It  hit me really funny.I guess I may just be over tired, but I am going to share it anyways. Hope you got a chu...
Nope, not a skier.Nope, don't ride snowmobiles.Nope, don't need a snowman or snow fort. So why do I need the snow?Frost!The cold weather is driving the frost down fast.We have 3-6 inches already.Snow insulates the ground and helps to keep water pipes and and sewer pipes and  systemsfrom freezing....

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