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In San Francisco, a 1,600-square foot rancher listed for $179,000 drew multiple offers last month with a high of $210,000 in cash. The panicked buying- fueled by buyers' fear they'll miss out on firesale prices- belies the doom-and-gloom evoked by recent reports of rising mortgage delinquency rat...
If your heading out on a summer vacation or just want to feel a little safer in your home here are some crime deterrents sure to put your mind at ease. When your at home: Neighborhood watch: these meetings can be a valuable method for sharing information and spreading the word of recurring incide...
Your front yard is the first thing the buyer will see when they drive up to your house so make it look as good as possible. If you are preparing to put your home on the market that means that you not only have to stage your home's interior but also spruce up your yard. Baby the lawn. Find high qu...
Color accounts for sixty percent of our response to an object or a place.  The buzz about color is usually called color psychology. The effects of color are subtle and significant. Color can be connected to our moods. Start small. If your not sure where to begin with color start in like a bathroo...
Pending home sales rise 6.7 percent in April. Biggest monthly jump in more than seven years signally end of the housing slump. The number of homebuyers who agreed to purchase a previously occupied home in April posted the largest monthly jump in more than seven years last month. The National Asso...
Times are tough and people are afraid of purchasing a home in this economy. However here are five reasons to stray from the pack and buy a home. 1) Affordability is better than ever: a five bedroom home in the Las Vegas area recently sold for only $255,000 instead of the list price $310,000. 2) L...
President Obama has come out with a new plan to help out in the mortgage crisis for homeowners.  His Making Home Affordable Plan (www.makinghomeaffordable.gov) is a comprehensive Financial Stability Plan which aims to fix what is troubling the economy right now.  The Home Affordable Refinance Pro...
Did you know that if you plan to buy a home that is energy efficient or make your new home energy efficient you can get a higher mortgage, which is tax deductable. Most energy efficient mortgages (EEM) will let you qualify for a higher mortgage if you add the cost of upgrading the house. Some mor...
With the $787 billion stimulus package on the top of everyone's mind, people are wondering what jobs are going to be created from all this money. Well here are the top ten green job industries that should fair well from the package: 1) Advanced Biofuel- derived from non-food crops like cornstalks...
With spring in full bloom and weather looking great, here are some tips to make you garden work for you. 1) Start Small- small gardens are easier to manage, especially if you're just starting out. This will help you learn gardening basics such as: weed and pest control, and watering requirements....

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