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I have spoken in the past about George Gilder and his book “Telecosm” written in 2000. Gilders premise is that cultures have changed significantly when technology changes and drives the cost of some factor of production to (or near) zero. In the industrial revolution, it was horsepower. In the 19...
OK - I was finished with this topic in my last post . But a little closer inspection of the incident was about to creep into my response to comments, so I will add to my thoughts here. Those who have had enough of the subject may feel free to click "next" and go back to watching football. I...
I wrote a draft of an article about the incident at Sandy Hook shortly after it occurred. I did not complete it because such discussions are no longer fun. Political and media agendas are taking over where reason and rational thinking should be in charge. But as I continue to hear the baying of t...
This brief (<1 min) video is my Christmas message for 2012. AR readers have heard a lot about outsourcing. The white board portion of this presentation is created as a Fiverr gig for $5. ( Additional video and sound produced in Camtasia from is a collection...
I note the passing of Robert Bork, former Solicitor General of the United States.  Judge Bork was nominated by President Reagan to be elevated to the Supreme Court bench but failed to be confirmed by the Senate.  There is no doubt that Judge Bork was an exceptional and brilliant jurist.  But his ...
Within the last week I posted my thoughts on the coming risks to our sovereignty and our freedoms that I believe we may see from the United Nations, our President and the Senate. The first example may be underway today in a conference for the International Telecommunications Union, an agen...
The election results are not even dry entries in the history books and already I am sounding like a New York Mets fan… “Wait until next year”. I was not surprised by the President's win in the election (disappointed but not surprised). I wrote, prior to the election, of two difficult conditions w...
It has not been a good evening for the Romney supporters, of which I am one.  Early returns suggested that the polling prior to the election was accurate.  The hopes for challenger Romney depended on analysis that disagreed with the polls. When Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were called for the Presi...
Today, November 6, 2012, America goes to the polls to pick a President and Vice President, 33 Senators, 435 Congressmen and countless state and local officials. The stakes couldn't be higher and the choice, at least at the top of the ticket, couldn't be clearer. It is easy to understand why Ameri...
Well now, we are getting to the important stuff at last. In two days this country will go to the polls to decide whether we, as a nation, want to continue the big governmental model of socialism and intervention or whether we want to return to the private enterprise, capitalism, smaller governmen...

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