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From time to time I find unusual and interesting guests on Fox Business News Network. This week I found a 17 year old who has created a computer algorithm that works with Twitter to analyze a flow of twitter feeds to quantify the trend of opinions expressed in the tweets. From a commercial point ...
  I searched for a way to explain tax cuts that the Administration claims benefit the rich but I think tax cuts should benefit those who pay taxes. I found an article that I have used in the past, notable for its simplicity but clear in its message.  This article is not original with me and I hav...
Well, I enjoyed the first Presidential debate of the season.  But I have a few observations.  Yes - I welcomed the opportunity for Mitt Romney to stand before a national audience to show his leadership qualities and personality for a conversation rather than a sound bite, an attack ad or the sile...
The following clip (12 seconds) is a reminder from the Star Wars film series of how the Republic gives up its power to the Galactic Empire. My Source: I understand how Barack Obama was elected four years ago.  He was the stealth...
The billboard shown below is provided from Ottawa County Michigan and provides a quick summation of the Romney record while working with Bain Capital and the Obama investment record as President while giving our tax dollars to cronies and dubious operators in the alternate energy field.  kind of ...
I posted this film clip on my ActiveRain blog three years ago.  Since it contains a message that we seem to keep forgetting, I will repeat it today.  It is eerily accurate about our problems today –  and hits the snake oil salesman who reminds me of Mr Obama right on the head. We talk about the f...
The news media has been overwhelmed this week by the events in North Africa and the Middle East.  The US Embassy in Egypt has been attacked, our Ambassador to Libya has been murdered with three other foreign service professionals in a Consulate attack and our embassy has been attacked in Yemen.  ...
The US Debt Clock, a real time representation of our basic debt components, will click over to show $16 Trillion today during the running of the Democrat National Convention - a bit of irony there.  You will note that that number exceeds our total US Gross Domestic Product.  Both numbers are indi...
Last week, while the rest of us were watching the Republican National Convention, the White House issued a press release describing an executive order signed by the President concerning his vision of green energy. “Today, we are taking another step to strengthen American manufacturing by boosting...
In the process of redistricting following the 2010 Decennial Census, Polk County, where I live in Central Florida, was carved up into parts of five different Congressional Districts.  This seemed disappointing as Polk County has its own distinctive issues and features which are not shared by surr...

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