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If your one of the thousands of people selling their homes this spring, here a a few tips for a faster sale.  Keep in mind that if there are homes near you for sale, yous must have more appeal or value to get sold first.1.  Start from the outside in.  Fresh mulch and flowers can go a long way and...
I know that we have been constantly bombarded by the news media for what seems to be forever about the state of the housing industry.  But it really isn't as bad as everyone is making it out to be.  If you have an adjustable rate mortgage, then you need to make sure that you do the following so y...
Just a reminder for all of us in the mortgage industry.  There might just be some money in your pile of turndowns.  My phone has actually been ringing a little more than it been in a while, but I took a few minutes to look through some old files, and I just brought a few back to life.  So everybo...
     With the news and print media constantly telling us and consumers that the housing market is terrible and we are headed for recession, is there really light at the end of the tunnel?  Somw signs point to yes I think, others to no.  So, what does that mean for us?  Well, for me personally, th...
It's easy to get a buyer excitec about a great house.  If they love it they love it..  But get them excited about the whole process including the loan.  Rates are so great right now that it boggles the mind!  Historic lows are all I keep hearing.  And if they already have financing set up, encour...
I hope that everybodys day went as well as mine.  I am very excited about the next few months.  Seize the Day! The Week! The Month! and The Year!!  I hope everyone out there feels the same.  The time is now for those of us in this field.  I'm going to make it happen, are you?    Matt
 Hey all,      Well this is perhaps the best looking monday that I have seen in quite some time!  I really wish my office windows would open up..  Oh well, rates are loking great today!  30 yr. is under 5.75% and I fully expect it to drop a little more throughout the week.  Things are hopefully p...

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