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Big Canoe ,Jasper and the North Georgia Mountains are where we , the folks at All Mountain Realty are to help you find that perfect home or land. Looking in Ball Ground or Talking Rock? We blog about all those areas events. Hope you enjoy
The Old Fashioned Barber Shop is going strong in Jasper Ga. Founder Mary Caraway has made the shop one of the most popular spots in town. The shop features large old time barber chairs, a coffee pot that is always full, and most importantly a place to go for a great hair cut. Town news is often e...
Well we really have been in the news as Big Canoe once again gets snowed in. Of course all the scenes are Atlanta, including the stuck cars etc.,  So what do things look like in the North Georgia Mountains in the snow ? This first image is part of our winter wonder land. The trees are covered in ...
If you are traveling in Georgia or planning to DONT. The Feds have declared the state a disaster area. The State is in a state of emergency. The weather is really really bad.  So what does that mean. South of Atlanta as far as Macon there is ice falling. North of Atlanta and in the mountains ther...
The North Georgia Mountains once again got some snow. I am snowed in again. VERY RARE. But despite what you may hear or see about Atlanta ( 60 miles South of us) the situation here was not as bad. Yes the weather man was wrong again about the timing and the accumulation. So how was this handled i...
So what is the hardest thing for a buyer to do in today's real estate market ? Some would say it is finding the right agent. I think with all the online tools out there and web sites this is important but not major. Some might say finding the right priced home. In some markets this may be an issu...
Today is a snow day for some of us in Big Canoe. Now I know large parts of the country got clobbered by the winter storm, but here in Big Canoe we got a winter dusting of about 1 to 1and 1/2 inches. You may think no big deal but when you are 2500 feet up and the roads twist and are sloped it is a...
Are you looking to invest in the North Georgia Mountains. Or maybe you are just5 looking to invest in general in real estate. The you really need to listen to the mountain real estate report. The mountain real estate report is heard every Thursday on Wyyz  Radio in Jasper Ga. We also store shows ...
Whos is Charlie Ragonesi ? A thumb nail of who I am what I do and where I do it follows. The North Georgia Mountains are beautiful and I am blessed to live and work in them. I look forward to working with you.                                                         These views are why I love the ...
Are you looking for a home? have you heard it is tough getting financing ? Well this week on the Mountain Real Estate report we are lucky enough to have a lender on to talk to us about financing. Learn about credit  scores, income to debt ratios and plenty of information about loans and programs....
If you are buying a home in the North Georgia Mountains what you do not know can cost you money. Here are some examples.   1 If you are getting a loan does your lender know about USDA. The USDA loan is usually a more cost effective solution when compared to VA or FHA. If you are moving from a dif...

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