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You've Got Options when working with me. Representing buyers and sellers in Jefferson and Shelby County Alabama including but not limited to: Birmingham, Hoover, Fairfield, Homewood, Alabaster, Pelham, Vestavia, Midfield
Bad Real Estate Photography:  Boy Do People Notice! This past weekend, I took a two-day class on digital photography at Birmingham School of Photography.  I figured it was about time I learned how to operate the Nikon D3100 that I bought myself as a Christmas present last year. Anywho one by one,...
Why Use Electronic Signatures?  Because Clients Like The Convenience By no means did I conduct an official poll.  But I did ask my current clients to answer some questions about their experience with the Instanet Solutions Authentisign and here is what they had to say:   Did you find the instruct...
I Think They Got a Bad Deal! That's what a contractor said to me about a house that my client is buying.  I took it as a direct insult in as much as he may as well have said "I'm glad you're not my agent."  But I just let him talk.  Not only was it none of his business, he really didn't know what...
The Closing Protection Letter:  What the What? Is anybody asking the same question:  What the What?  No matter how I try to process this in my head, the rationale escapes me as to why the buyer has to "buy" this protection against possible errors or fradulent activity of the closing agent, lender...
Buyers Are You Buying a House Or the Sellers Taste in Decor We live in a world where people are just different.  They differ in opinions, personal style, sense of self, and yes their taste in home decor. When touring homes you'll find homes that are beautifully decorated while others........well ...
Ask an Ambassador:  Using the Registered Trademark in Your Post Isn't it cool when you learn new things that have been a mystery to you forever?  A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about the registered trademark (®) and how to use it in your blogpost.  Ever since I learned the shortcut, I neve...
And people wonder why we blog.  If this doesn't give non-bloggers a reason to blog then I dont' know what will.  No one ever said it would be easy nor an overnight success.  All that is required is patience and consistency.All That Blogging is Beginning to Pay Off! As the year begins to wind down...
  Dear Unrepresented Seller, I can appreciate your desire to sell your home yourself in an attempt to save money.  Lord knows we could all be a little more thrifty.  I also understand that you believe that we Realtors® don't do much more than you can do yourself.  So much so that you can do it yo...
Handwritten Thank You Note:  Does it Get Much Better Than This? This was in my mailbox yesterday. What a thoughtful note.  Don't you get love getting these unexpected unsolicited gems? I know that I do. He was a pleasure to work with as well.  Thank you in return Kalongi Drake.  
If this isn't a wake up call, you may as well disconnect from reality all together.  Cell phone usage while driving, as well all know, can be hazardously to our lives but probably moreso to the lives of others. Step away from the cell while driving.  Whatever it is can wait.It was my usual mornin...

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