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It is raining sideways, my smoke detectors are practicing for the symphony, I have one hundred clients who need five hundred questions answered, and I’m wearing my dogs favorite red chew toys. A Realtor needs assistance with buyers agency, a client has questions about renting versus selling and e...
  During a coaching session this morning, it occurred to me that there is truly  proper email etiquette, even in real estate. Reviewing a client’s email marketing, it was painfully clear to me upon just a glance, the reason for so many “opt out” and “please remove” responses from otherwise intere...
Coping mechanisms are as personal and unique as the individual in need of coping. What may ease pain, provide a desirable distraction or lift the woes of life’s little hiccups for one, may not help another at all. By now I thought I had experienced many of life’s harrowing hiccups, from the more ...
Many say it is just putting lipstick on a pig; however, I have actually put lipstick on a pig and it most certainly does make a difference. Not only does it get a giggle out of all involved but the pig stands out from the crowd and as my grandma always says, a little color never killed anyone. Fo...
  Similar to a hamster on a wheel I just keep going and going and going.  Exerting just as much energy as running a marathon; however, the distance never proves astonishing and scenery always quite familiar with no one waiting at the finish line to congratulate me. Considered successful by most, ...
  I realize the importance of listings. I work hard to attract realistic sellers, however; there is always that one home that makes me wonder.I believe that in some way the listings we take reflect on us as professionals. Is that crazy? My listings are my inventory, my inventory is my business. M...
No pitter patter of little feet as of yet. No morning sickness, no diaper deliveries or pink and blue blankets. It is just me, my husband, my two fur babies and a desire to make a child smile.  With just a simple request, a simple posting, a simple blog, the amazing people of Beaufort, South Caro...
Rants, raves, melodramatic madness and overly abundant quotes on everything from respect to religion; Facebook has it all. There are times when this sea of social media turns a tide of amazing human nature. A friend reaches out to be inundated with support, a family in need receives more than eno...
Preparations begin as parents, students, teachers and the orchestra of school year participants fine tune their instruments. Expectations abound as empty classrooms turn into technological time zones, artistic murals and eras of notable past. There is something magical about the first day of scho...
  As a former teacher, the first day of school was always a difficult one. I can remember countless students who were afraid or embarrassed because they didn't have the items they needed for their classes. I always did the best I could to provide as many supplies as I could but as all teachers, m...

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