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What Are and Who Pays the Cost of Closing You've saved up your down payment and found the perfect home. You think you've got everything handled brilliantly. Then comes the monkey wrench to the works. You start to learn of more and more expenses you didn't know were involved. To make it more confu...
When Should You Consider Buying a HomeBuying a home may sound like a great idea. The idea of owning property is indeed the all-American dream, but is it your dream and is the time right for you to proceed? You can do a quick check list to see if waiting might be more beneficial or if the right ti...
Buying a Home Is a Smart Investment There are almost as many reasons to rent as there are to buy. You notice, I said there are ALMOST as many reasons to rent. Buying your home is normally one of the best options and most fiscally sound. If you're temporarily in an area, renting is the best possib...
Using the Web as a Tool for Buying Your Next Home It probably will be no surprise to find that the use of the internet as a tool for home buying has skyrocketed the past few years. Some people use the internet as a way to start on the journey to buying a new home. Others may use it throughout the...
Seven Tips for Buying a Home You don't have to be a first time home buyer to feel a little intimidated when considering a home purchase. There are so many important factors, that it can make living with relatives or renting a room for the rest of your life almost seem attractive. The keyword is h...
Great Time to Buy a Home! Interest Rates Are Still Low!   If you're considering purchasing a new home, now is the time to act. Today's interest rates on mortgages are at an unprecedented low. If you look at the average rate for the last 30 years, these low rates are phenomenal. The cost of housin...
Tips on How to Get a Mortgage Loan on a HomeOwning your own home is the dream of many people and it could be your reality. Home ownership comes with many benefits, but also has some drawbacks. Lenders often use the drawbacks as a guideline to assess not only the amount of money for home loans, bu...
Buying A Home 102 It is often said that you shouldn’t let your emotions play a part in home buying. While that may be good advice, it is almost impossible to follow. Buying a home is an extremely emotional process and as long as you don’t let them completely rule you, your emotions can help you c...
Buying a Home 101  Most people don’t just wake up one morning and decide that they’re going to buy a home; unless perhaps they are exceptionally wealthy. For most of us it’s a gradual decision brought on by many factors: rising rent prices, the inability to make changes without a landlord’s appro...
Secrets to Buying a Home Even if you feel confident that you are ready to buy a house, becoming a homeowner can be a daunting task. With so many different homes, condos, and apartments available, finding the perfect one seems nearly impossible. Even when you think you’ve finally made a choice, th...

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