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The Super Bowl left an upstanding positive outcome for different industries in Miami. tourism, the most obvious one, commerce, and even real estate! Condo sales jumped by 64% on the Super Bowl LIV week. There were 135 condos sold in Miami last week with a total sold price of $56 million, compared...
 The real estate market is, as any other industry, very volatile. Even though it has a good track record, the industry depends on the macro and microeconomics, demographics, interest rates, etc. which makes downturns impossible to be avoided. When investing in real estate, there is not fully cert...
We commonly think that when buying a property, the listing price is the most important criteria when making the decision. Although it is true that it is important, this statement is far from reality.  When buying a car, it shouldn't be right to only consider how are you going to pay the sellers a...
The newly-built housing market in the U.S. has experienced heartening outcome the past last months, which has reinforced and has created a ray of hope for the industry.  Lower mortgage costs helped buyers afford properties and, after 2 months of an ongoing drop, there was an increase in the sale ...
 According to Outside's online Magazine, Miami is one of the TOP-10 best cities to live in the U.S. in 2019. With a wide list of advantages offered by the sunshine city, Miami is a Tropical Paradise where everyone wants to live. Government improvements have made the city even more desirable and a...
 Miami has shown a rise in home sales this year compared to the same period in 2018. Encouraging advantages of buying in Miami have pushed condo sales up, such as low mortgage rates and the new tax law. The first trimester of 2019 showed a 6.6% increase in home sales and a 3.5% in condo sales (co...
When we compare Miami to other cities in the U.S., we need to say that it doesn't have the same historical background as cities like Washington DC or New York, which have historical architectural buildings that are known worldwide. However, Miami hasn't been left behind.The incredible evolution o...
Miami is now in the spotlight as an example of how climate change will change the current world's landscape. However, what people are not really aware of, is that other cities like New York or Hong Kong are also coastal cities facing the same risks as Miami and they haven't been as proactive as M...
 Miami is a city that is evolving day-to-day and more and more people are coming to visit it. But not all of them are just short-term visitors, more than 250 people move to Miami every day. But why wouldn't everyone want to be here? All-year sunshine, incredible culture, ambiance and people and a...
 Miami is one of the top-5 Airbnb destinations in the United States. It sounds like a great deal for everyone... Hosts get a profitable output of their investment and their guests get a more private and wide list of options where to stay. However, this is not the same point of view for the City C...

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