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Craig's Classroom Blog is a series of short technology articles for Real Estate Professionals. You will learn how to work with and improve on your online points of presence. Craig teaches about practical technology usage that you will find useful in your daily workflow. Work smarter!
If you've blogged on ActiveRain for any length of time, you'll notice something very different than a blog that you have on your regular website. The comments you get on your regular website blog is probably 99.9% spam and put right into the trash. And the 0.1% of REAL comments are probably few a...
How's it going there bloggers? If you feel like the appearance of your blog posts with the recent updates has taken a turn for the worse, then you are not alone! Watching the Q&A in the recent weeks it seems like some developer updates may have moved some things "one step forward and two steps ba...
We've seen some very nice improvements on the ActiveRain site in recent months. The presentation of the site is taking on a more modern and polished look. Thank you to the AR team for working on these things!Meanwhile, for those using the site frequently (i.e. this means the reader of this post),...
Inserting photos or other graphics into our blog posts is an essential step to creating a presentation that is compelling. The textual content is also essential, but can you imagine picking up a magazine that had no photos in it at all? How much better to attract our attention when images are add...
Who doesn't enjoy a day at the park? Silver Lake Park is located on the north shore of Staten Island. If you need an outdoor getaway, there are all kinds of things to do here! Located in the center of the park is a good sized lake. Trails go all the way around the lake for running and walking. It...
It's a retail strategy. You know the one...Let's price the potato chips at $3.99 because psychologically 3 dollars sounds better than 4 dollars (even though it is really being sold for 4 dollars). That works fine for potato chips. However, is that .99 strategy equally as good for selling a house ...
It has been reported quite a few times in Q&A of having a half blank page when editing a new post. I had seen that happen a few times in my case but only rarely. But what is a person to do if this happens to them? How can they finish a new post when they can only see part of the page?Well, yester...
One of the things you realize early on in the ActiveRain community is that you can expect comments on the posts that you create. These are real people making comments and interacting with you. If you have had any blog out there in cyberspace, for example on a WordPress site, you quickly realize t...
One the interesting facets of marketing ourselves on the internet is that someone can meet us online first before they ever see us in person. Having a blog is a way for us to share our expertise and help a person come to know and trust us. Letting them SEE who we are helps fill a hole in the who...
This coming Tuesday (January 19, 2021), I have the opportunity to take you on a virtual tour of some more AMAZING cloud-based tools that you'll want to know about. This is via the ActiveRain Zoom Webinar series that happens every Tuesday at 2:00pm EASTERN.My theme is "Leveraging the Cloud". You m...


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