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MY MISSION: 1 - Looking to network with Wisconsin Real Estate Agents... share really great tips and help friends BOOST their business! Help me contribute to the industry in a whole NEW way!! 2- Provide valuable information to Wisconsinites that help them make great decisions, save time, money and truly have a great experience when it comes to buying and financing real estate in this great state! Wisconsin Loan Tips on Facebook
I don't know about you, but for me . . . It is absolutely necessary to spend a few moments each day filling my head with positive thoughts. I live in the boonies, approximately 45 minutes from my office. Although the commute is a pain in the rear, I am so grateful for it, as it provides me the op...
Like Father Like Son - Nap time in the barn! Photo was taken 1/25/09 in 7 degree weather. I am the proud niece of one of the greatest American Film Photographers Philip Hyde - You can read about his work here http://www.ucsc.edu/currents/01-02/05-27/archive.html I will be sharing some of his wor...
Avoiding Scams When Looking For Mortgage Payment Rescue Companies that help you stop foreclosures, attorney-facilitated Loan Modification companies, and loss mitigation companies all target people who are in or who are facing foreclosure.  Some of these companies may not be legitimate and may try...
It is 1:46 pm, Saturday afternoon and the temperature on my weather station reads 3 degrees! Quite a warm up from the mornings temp . . . MINUS 5! Welcome to Wisconsin... In December we saw 47.2 inches of the white stuff not to mention an average temperature of 15.8 degrees . . . burrrr - I awoke...
Loan Modification Series: PART 4 of 5 - The 10 Most Common Questions About Loan Modifications For many people trying to avoid foreclosure, the process of renegotiating their loan can be difficult to understand.  If you are considering contacting your lender to attempt negotiations for a loan modi...
Loan Modification Series: PART 3 of 5 Avoiding Foreclosure with Loan Modifications With the rising rate of foreclosures in the United State, mortgage modifications are quickly becoming the answer to many people's prayers. Until recently, mortgage companies were reluctant to provide the option of ...
Loan Modification Series: PART 2 of 5 Why The Banks Will Lower Your Rate Without Refinancing  My, my, how things have changed . . . . Just a few years ago, real estate prices were booming. "Sold" signs that were once the "norm" have now been replaced with foreclosure signs. Lenders are having dif...
                                                                                   Each and every day, we here another story, an effected co-worker, your child's classmate, an old friend, and on and on... With the number of foreclosures on the rise and a weakening real estate market pinning homeo...
12 Must Know Steps When Considering Purchasing a Short Sale Property It is on the 5:00 News, printed in our local newspapers and being discussed around the water cooler! As banks continue to foreclose on homes in the area, buyers will find some amazing garage-sale priced homes; but buyers have op...
Locking in a mortgage rate with a lender is a great way to ensure that the rate quoted will be available when you close your loan. Rate locks are essential in mortgage planning. This year has been highly chaotic in the mortgage and financial sectors. For the most part, mortgage rates have remaine...

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