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(not so) Speachless Sundae...     Good Morning, Y'all. Because it is "Speachless Sundae", it is time to put a zip on the lip and let the picture do the talking. So without further "ado"...      Here's hoping you have a nice, relaxing and pleasant Sunday - Get some rest, tomorrow's Monday...
Fried Green Tomatoes...     In the south, we have "traditional meals" that have been handed down generation to generation. To me, there ain't nothing finer than cookin' a mess of fried green tomatoes. Now mind you, there really ain't no right way or wrong way. It's your way that matters.      Now...
Saturday's Ramblings...     While in FL earlier this year, one of my favorite places to visit was Sea World. While I do have colorful Koi in the ornamental ponds in the back yard, their colors really pale in comparison to some of their salt water cousins.       The challenge for many photographer...
Shutterbug Saturday...     It's Saturday. A day to bang out a few more bucks before I chill for the rest of the weekend. Last night, while rummaging through some old images on my 2TB archive drive, I stumbled on this member of the thrush family I had taken earlier this year.       Because wildlif...
The Sideshow...     I met Dannyo a few weeks ago at a local restaurant. Danny's trademark is to perform his "magic" at his first and last table of his shift. I was impressed with Danny, his style and most importantly, his message. Earlier this week, Danny came into the studio and I recorded his m...
A Simple Guide to Better Listing Videos...     About a week ago, I wrote a post about the difference between video frames, pixel sizes and how they relate to videos. If you did not see the intro to this series, You can read about it here, "Pixels & Pixies".         Because the frame sizes are so ...
Good Night ActiveRain...     As the sun begins to settle over the horizon, we leave our mark on yet another day.      For some, it will be just one more day in the daily grind stuck in a lackluster job; who, much like the convict, is marking time, hoping for a reprieve in their sentence for good ...
It Has Been a Busy Week...     As the age old adage goes, "Time is fun when you are eating flies." or something like that; this week has flown by and has been fun. This past week I have:      Launched my ActiveRain blog      Designed the business card for the business      Shot and uploaded the f...
Friday's Fotos...     Gee! Didja ever notice how much fun time is, especially when you are on the fly? This week has zipped past faster than a.., a... Yeah, one of those things.     Anywho, here we are. The wee hours of Friday, and while most of you have thoughts of sugar plums dancing in your he...
How Important IS Video?     I have been beating the drum about blogging, video and the importance of video for years. Some folks get it - most don't. Which is a good thing for those of us who do. In today's market, video is essential for you and your business. And with folks having built in BS me...

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