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provided by Google Translate.  Sorry for any inaccuracies.  Es bueno ser latino en Tampa, Florida: el poder adquisitivo español ocupa el lugar # 2 en la naciónMe ha sorprendido realmente aprender esto, pero eso es lo que he leído en BayNews9 En Español. Todos sabemos de la Florida está a la esper...
Things are looking up in the West Pasco Real Estate Market Report for March 2010 Well wish it was better news but lets see what the trend is.  We now have 8 months inventory in West Pasco Real Estate.  and as you can see we have a nice range of prices to chose from here.  Seems as the inventory g...
Enjoy the quiet of Twin Lakes Condo Community in New Port Richey So everyone knows Florida got hit hard in the current market correction.  My area, just north of Tampa Bay area, got hit harder than most areas in Florida.  Drive down a street and you will see lots of For Sale signs.   However Twin...
so I am spending this afternoon in my Google alerts reader and came across this touching story of Americana.  How things used to be, and stark contrast to the snapshot of America you see today.  Tissues may be required as you read this touching tale of a happy marriage over the course of a lifeti...
Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico.  Hudson Beach, Florida April 12th, 2010 Amazing where some people decide to stand, don'tcha think? LOL And another person with impeccable timing.  But like I tell them all, with digital camera's it does not matter, because I just take another picture, unlike film.
New Port Richey, Florida is the Sister City of Cavalaire sur Mer, France Like New Port Richey, Florida  Cavalaire sur Mer, France is a coastal city.  They both are renowned for their water activities This stands on Main St. between US -19 (the main corridor) and the Pithlachascotee River on an is...
What is this Twitter thing everyone is talking about What are hashtags? what is a retweet? how do i build a following? How do I find a job on Twitter? All these questions and more are answered in @Mashable 's The Twitter Guide Book than I hope will follow @Mashable as well as me. I am @LoveTheGulfRE
You just never know when you will catch a Great Photograph I must admit, I saw the spectacular image while heading home.  What might surprise you is that I took the picture from my car traveling at 50 miles per hour.  Yet you have the imagery created by the illusion created by the clouds as well ...
    There is some great common sense that some sellers do not consider when selling a home.  Let the buyer take emotional occupancy of your home and they are more likely to buy than if you make them feel uncomfortable in your house.   It really is that simple   Please give any comments to the ori...
Is LinkedIn about to pull a Bebo? Now if you are completely lost with my reference to Bebo, you might want to read Pete Cashmore of Mashable's article in CNN today called How to create an $850 Million Fad, like Bebo did. In short Bebo was the MySpace of the UK, when it was cool to be MySpace.  I ...

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