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Unfortunately some employers consider bad credit as a predictor of effectiveness and trustworthiness. How Can A Short Sale Benefit You Vs. a Foreclosure? Interviewers are asking candidates for authorization to contact the three major credit reporting bureaus. Candidates are worried bad credit wil...
Being Foreclosed Upon While Deployed In The Military? Check Your Rights Under SSCRA and SCRA. The Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA), now known as Service members Civil Relief Act of 2003 (SCRA) provides protections to active duty service members. If you have credit card debt, mortgage p...
Can you stay in the house while a short sale is being worked out with your lender? Yes! Actually, your lender usually prefers you stay in the house, even if you are not paying the mortgage. Why Does The Lender Want You Stay? If you stay in the house, you are protecting the house, which means you ...
Can I short sale my house if I am behind on payments in Louisville KY? Yes! As a matter of fact, banks and lenders have designed the short sale as a method to help borrowers who are behind on payments. The banks almost expect you to be behind on payments in order to qualify for the debt relief of...
The FTC recently put into effect a new rule that adds regulations to 3rd party negotiators, attorneys and Realtors who help sellers in need of a short sale. Realtors Need Clarification and Authoritative Disclosure Language Short sale Realtors nationwide are waiting for clarification from NAR and ...
Thousands of homeowners are behind on mortgage payments in Louisville KY. You are not alone. It’s a local and national epidemic. The job market is weak. Family issues may be causing financial difficulty. House values are down, big time. You can’t sell for enough to pay off the mortgage, and you c...
Raising mortgage insurance premiums raises borrowers payments. Anything that raises the payment also lowers the purchasing power of the buyer. Lower purchasing power means sellers have to lower sales prices. Lower sales prices means more sellers move into a negative equity position. More sellers ...
When I drove by this street sign it reminded of all the people I help on a daily basis. I successfully help many divorcing couples in Louisville KY avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy by negotiating a short sale of their home with their lender. The house sells for an amount SHORT of what they owe so...
If a house is a fixer upper it can be priced accordingly. If a house is gorgeous it can be priced accordingly. There is a market for both types. It's the in-between houses that are harder to sell. Investors and do-it-yourself warriors love fixer uppers. Almost everyone loves a gorgeous house, esp...
Isn’t the short sale lender obligated to report canceled debt to the IRS? Isn’t the borrower obligated to report canceled debt even if they didn’t get a 1099-c? In a short sale, the lender allows the house to sell for less than owed. The short sale acceptance letter usually specifies if the short...

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