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How about getting rid of the mortgage debt altogether via a short sale? Let’s explore. Dividing the excess home equity in a divorce used to be a primary point of contention. Today it seems that dividing the debt is a primary issue. Millions of homes nationwide have “underwater mortgages” meaning ...
I had a checkup with my cardiologist, Dr. Gregory Henes, the other day. The topic of my physical activity and exercise regimen came up, like it always does. Like always his answer was more and more exercise. However, this time I said that I am now able to walk our dog, which I couldn’t do until r...
Here is what I often hear: I can't stand my spouse and want to get a divorce. The only thing holding me back is that we have a house worth less than the mortgage and neither one of us can afford mortgage payments by ourselves. Therefore, we would have to sell before getting a divorce. Please, any...
There are two stages of acceptance in a short sale. First the seller accepts the buyer’s offer, then the short sale lender has to accept the offer. The lender may counter in many ways; There is a possibility that the lender will respond with a counter offer HIGHER than the price that the Buyer an...
In today’s housing market, eliminating the marital mortgage debt may be more important than dividing up the marital property. Selling and getting rid of the house also gets rid of the mortgage debt and the mortgage payment. If the mortgage payment is too high and unsustainable then keeping the ho...
What Are The Main Reasons Short Sales Fail? A skilled short sale expert Realtor can close a high percentage of short sales. However, some short sales will not close. Here are the main reasons short sales fail: The second mortgage companies dictate terms that are impossible to meet. The foreclosin...
One of the biggest fears of borrowers facing foreclosure is the bank’s right to pursue them for the difference after the foreclosure is done. A Short Sale May Relieve You Of All Obligation on the Debt Many borrowers do not realize that a short sale could lead to full forgiveness of the deficiency...
One of the common questions that Dr. Bruce Haskell is asked by concerned parents is if their child's braces appointments can be scheduled after school hours. Dr. Haskell always values the time of his patients and their parents. Children and adults have busy schedules and many unmovable time const...
Possible consequences of a buyer missing the closing deadline on a short sale: The foreclosing lender may: (1) raise the purchase price, or (2) deny an extension and cancel the entire agreement with no recourse for the buyer, or (3) delay approval of an extension by weeks or months, or (4) push t...
You bought a house some years ago. Paid market value, just like everyone else. Life happened; Job transfer, job loss, illness, divorce. You tried to sell your house but couldn’t because values collapsed, no fault of your own. You now owe tens of thousands of dollars more than the house is worth. ...

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