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State Farm has announced that it will be pulling out of Florida, resulting in 1.2 million uninsured homeowners. Floridians who need homeowners insurance more than anyone due to hurricanes will be feeling the pinch of non-renewals this year. Everyone knows that Florida's storms can be devastating,...
Classic car owners are proud of their vehicles. They have these gorgeous pieces of machinery that capture a certain time and a certain feeling. Classic cars are special and powerful, and they're an investment that will become more and more valuable as time goes on. A surprsing number of classic c...
In these days of business lawsuits being hurled back and forth, companies - no matter how big or small, corporate or mom 'n pop - must take extra care to protect themselves from claims. Three out of five businesses will be sued by an employee, an no one is exempt. It doesn't matter how new or old...
Not to freak any brides out, but have you considered the worst-case scenarios of your wedding day, and what you’d do if they happened? It’s a terrifying thought: it’s your wedding day, and everything is perfect, except for one thing – your three-year-old flower girl spilled grape juice all over y...
Although car accidents tend to happen more often in the colder months, what you need to do after an accident never changes. Of course, most people can’t think clearly directly after getting into a bump-up; therefore it’s important to already know what to do before you get into an accident. Find o...
If you’re fortunate enough to never been burglarized, consider yourself lucky; more than 2 million Americans are victims of burglary each year. Most people are content and feel safe with simply locking their front door and windows – until they get robbed. They then see how vulnerable their homes ...


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