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Springtime in Western Washington is just plain beautiful.  I am enclosing a few pictures of my own house and gardens.  My wife and I work very hard to maintain this lush setting and really enjoy being out in it.  We have a deck out over our pond that we sleep on in the summer (Large pavillion and...
Well, I said I would send out another recipe for Salmon.  This can be done in the oven, convection or on the grill.  With salmon, the important thing is to pay attention so it doesn't get overdone.  It should still be moist when you are finished cooking.  We'll start with about a 2 pound chunk of...
All you salmon lovers out there (I know that you only buy wild salmon, those of you from Northwest Washington understand).  What do you usually do when you have some left over?  Here is a fantastic recipe for those leftovers.  Quantities of each item are unimportant to the recipe.  Use each to ta...
I see that a lot of people shop for inspections by price.  They may be spending $500,000 for a home but opt to find the cheapest inspection they can find.  What's wrong with this picture?  Making a major investment without getting the full particulars about that investment seems a bit wrong heade...
By far the most common wood destroying insect in Western Washington is the Anobiid Beetle(sometimes called the Western Death Watch Beetle) Hemicoelus Gibbicollis.  Often misinformed people call this the "powder post beetle".  True powder post beetles(Lictyds) infect hardwoods and appear in Washin...
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