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Real Estate Agent - Goldcoast Sotheby's International Realty - License # 9481514
Ocean City, NJ - Buying Strategies   Talking "buying strategies" is fairly easy in the begining here in Ocean City, New Jersey ...   1 - Location ... You either look for single families in the Northend and Gardens which tend to be some of the properties closer to the beach, or you head down to th...
Ocean City, NJ - Second Home Location   The year round population in Ocean City, New Jersey is about 10,000.  That runs from about Labor Day through Memorial Day.  That represents the locals ... those who work for the city ... police, fire department, and so many others who keep this great commun...
"Ocean City, NJ - The barrier island waiting for you to discover   We are located in South Jersey, Exit 30 on the Garden State Parkway, plus a short drive across the new four lane bridge from Somers Point to Ocean City, New Jersey.  Ocean City is the most northern and largest community in Cape Ma...
Summer Contacts Everywhere in Ocean City, New Jersey   Ocean City, the largest town in Cape May County (and our location being a barrier island along South Jersey), is only about 10-12,000 population throughout the nine months from September through May ... and often less than that number due to ...
"Summer Sunday Lineup in the South Jersey Real Estate Offices" - Ocean City, NJ   So in our Goldcoast Sotheby's International Realty office on 34th Street in Ocean City, NJ; each rental agent has two Sunday assignements handling the office from 10am to 2pm. This is indeed a trouble shooting situa...
Open House Activity during the Summer Rental Season ... Ocean City, New Jersey   Mostly from the middle of June to the end of August the "buying period slowly moves from the spring to the fall."  There are a ton of potential buyers because our buyer group comes from our existing rental base.  But...
Some Bad Weather Hitting South Jersey Thursday & Friday - Ocean City, NJ It's a bit early to tell us what to expect this Thursday and Friday, but heavy rain is in the forecast along with the potential for a hurricane to come up the coast.  Overall, we have received a contact from one insurance co...
Health & Real Estate ... Some Thoughts ... from Ocean City, New Jersey   So my son got me a recent gift ... a Fitbit bracelet for my arm.  It records the number of steps that I take in a given day ... and for the past two weeks I have been averaging about 10,912 steps per day. My walking started ...
4th of July at the South Jersey Shore ... Ocean City, New Jersey   Although I have only been here at the shore since 1988 as an owner, I can't imagine another location to be at during the days leading up and through "the 4th of July" than Ocean City, New Jersey.  And when the 4th comes on a Frida...
A Saturday Check-in Day in Ocean City, New Jersey   Almost all locations in South Jersey utilize the Saturday Check-In Arrangement ... with rental tenants coming and going throughout the day.  Check-Out is 10 am throughout our community of Ocean City ... Check-In is 2 pm or later.  So there are f...

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