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Where Are You ... Where was I ... Ocean City, NJ   June has been a tough month for me here on my computer in Ocean City, NJ.  I have a bit of a bug with Active Rain causing me to be unable to complete my blog activity and get it out to my loyal readers. It appears that when I get to the final poi...
"Changing Nature of Jersey Shore Real Estate" ... Ocean City, New Jersey June has arrived on our barrier island known as Ocean City, NJ.  Everything runs along the seasons of the year.  Mid-June is the closing of the "spring buying period" and the start of the top ten weeks of the "summer rental ...
"Island Time" meeting up with "Memorial Day Weekend" in Ocean City, NJ   Sure we all thought we were ready for the big rush ... the arrival of Memorial Day Weekend.  But locals are never really ready for anything that brings a lot more people back to the beach.  Remember that all of us locals liv...
"Staying in Touch" ... Real Estate 1.1 ... from Ocean City, NJ Staying in Touch ... three simple words that tend to say it all.  But saying and doing it are very different.  Even "thinking about it" is also quite different.  So how does one go about all of this. Being organized is a major asset a...
"Weekend Activity" ... In the Real Estate Market ... Ocean City, New Jersey   The weekend real estate market depends on good weather all of the time.  Obviously, there are exceptions when a buyer, or buyers, will make the trip regardless of the weather to check out sale properties. But for a real...
"Memorial Day Weekend just 7 days until next Friday" ... from Ocean City, NJ   Now for many communities: it is just a here it comes, there it goes "type of holiday.  But here "on the barrier island" and after all the cold, damp, and wet weather all winter and much of the spring; this is the big t...
"Five Sale Properties in the Northend & Gardens" ... in Ocean City, New Jersey The Northend section of Ocean City starts north of Sixth Street and runs until the south side of North Street running from the ocean to the bay.  This is a definite mix of single family, multi-family, and condominium p...
"We just don't Read Enough" ... "Start a Good Habit" ... from Ocean City, NJ   A lot of people want to read more, and a lot of people don't like to read much at all ... which leaves those of us who are always out there reading a lot more opportunities to find the books that others aren't getting....
"Grammar in Real Estate" ... from Ocean City, New Jersey I just read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal (5/9/2014) which started out with the following sentence:  "Real estate agents better take out that red pen."  Check it out if interested. As a former history teacher and a high ...
"The Month of May at the Jersey Shore" ... Ocean City, New Jersey The month of May is almost always a winner here at the Jersey Shore.   Many of the locals start to work in their front and back yard gardens.  The sprinkler systems are turned on for the next few months.  And the outdoor showers ar...

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