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Screws.... yes, screws. Mr. Inspector, you mean to tell me that you are writing up that the screws that hold the dead-front cover on the electrical panel are wrong? That seems pretty picky sir! There is a reason for using the correct screws, and yes, it is an electrical defect if the correct scre...
Trees.... we all love trees. Trees provide shade for us, our homes, and helps to purify our air that we breathe. Where trees don't belong is planted right beside the structure of our homes. I see it all the time, usually it's the builder with their landscaping packages. They put these cute little...
We learned a long time ago that plumbing must be vented to allow smooth flow through the drain pipes. The way architecture is in our world today; people are putting water fixtures and sinks everywhere! The problem was the venting. Conventional wisdom had them running up the walls and through the ...
Are Re-Inspections important? You betcha!!You have put a contract on your dream home and have had a Home Inspection done and discover some problems that are in dire need of repair. The seller agrees to have them fixed, and gets back to you they have been done. Great, are you sure? Did they do the...
A week or so ago I was hired to do a final walk thru on a new construction home, I'm betting he is telling all his friends that they should do it if and when they ever buy a new home. Most people do not realize that your "Builder" does not build your new dream home.... sub contractors build them....
Here in Albuquerque we are officially in our monsoon season. The monsoon first begins in northern Mexico in May. The summer sun evaporates water from the Gulfs of Mexico and California and creates humid conditions over the land which produce rain. Humidity rises, fueling more rain and more transp...
We Home Inspectors see a lot of cool and crazy things during our everyday travels. Sometimes it makes you snicker, sometimes you just shake your head, and sometimes you laugh out loud. This one made me laugh out loud (I hope the neighbors didn't hear me). I mean, really? Evidently, roofers and el...
So you have an older home... you are having some leaks when it rains. Well, my buddy says he will pick up a couple of 12 packs of Marble Brewery Pale Ale and we'll get er done this weekend! I say, alright, bring it buddy! He's seen the guys on This Old House doing some roofing, and hell.... he's ...
Well, about this time of year everybody has been using their air conditioners, it's getting hot out there! Here in the southwest area of the country where it's drier and less humidity, people use evaporative or "swamp" coolers to cool their house.Swamp coolers are much cheaper to operate, provide...
A couple weeks ago I did an inspection on a house with a flat low sloped roof with gravel over it for UV protection. They are usually a torched down, hot asphalt covering then they spread the gravel so our beautiful sun does not fry and dry out the roofing material. They are very common here sinc...

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