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Homeowners In Debt Trouble! "How To Get Out Of Maximum Debt In Minimum Time" - even get cash.    SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL - For Florida homeowners who want to get out of debt fast without further damaging their credit with bankruptcy, credit negotiation, or consumer credit counseling, this will be the...
     Our credit industry is one of the most corrupt shams in the nation. It's a shame what heartless creditors do to hardworking Americans in debt. Hidden fees, interest rates that rise over night, penalties! It's an abusive scam that's designed to kick people when they're down. To rob them of an...
How Does Private Lending Work?What Is A Hard Equity Lender?How Do I Find Hard Equity Lenders?"Discover The Easiest Way To Borrow Money Without Begging A Bank, Or Even Proving Your Income - Even If You Have The Worst Credit On The Planet!"      Private lending is a world unto itself. Completely di...
 Floridians:I just got a letter back from Senator Lee Constantine regarding the letter I sent (and posted) Steal This Letter . Anyways, the fight is still on and you can have a voice.If you would like to see how your own home would be impacted by the new proposal, go here and see what your saving...
 *To read an even more in depth solution, try this site for homeonwers: www.FromBillsToFreedom.comHere's why credit cards can be a dangerous house of cards if you ever meet hard times.  Let's say you have 5 credit cards at a total of $20,000. Let's say your average interest rate was 10%.And let's...
 Check 21. It's all you hear about in financial circles. As of October 28th, 2004 new laws went into effect that have changed the way you write checks and worse. They will further limit your rights and grant more to those wonderful institutions that hold our dough: Yep the underprivileged banks. ...
Credit Hijacking!New Scam Threatens To Hold Your Credit Hostage As They Extort Money From You.In an effort to give you valuable consumer information I'm passing this along to you. The ScamIt's the latest trend where collection agencies call and accuse you of owing a past debt. Many times the name...
Expensive Lessons About Your Air Conditioner In Florida.If you have central air, your air handler unit on the inside of your house has a drainage pipe, usually PVC plastic, running from the unit to the outside. This drainage pipe takes natural condensation from the inside of the air handler and d...
Local Couple Buys First Home - At Best Interest Rates - Less Than 3 Years After A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy!Here's the story of another nice couple that I had the pleasure of serving. Two borrowers were buying a home. One had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged 2 years ago. The other had never filed ban...
I'm only a few weeks new to AR. I just posted an informative blog for my local area. http://activerain.com/blogsview/126930/The-Essential-Seminole-County Can any of you gurus tell me if it's missing something or if I messed up big time? I humbly thank you in advance for your help. Can't tell you ...

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