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Fox and Dish Networks are having a feud over how much one is going to pay the other.  I don't have Dish and don't care. I do get news updates on my phone from a couple news providers.  To keep it "Fair and Balanced" I receive blips from the right and the left!  It is wild how far a story can be s...
Lottery fever took over our country for a few days.  The dreams of a different life sweep many people off to the lottery agents ticket booth. I am not so sure that anyone heard the odds of winning were 1.7 million to one.  That wasn't going to stop dreamers from placing bets on one life changing ...
It used to be I know approximately what month and time of the year we were in by our Michigan weather.  Lucky I am not in the weather forecasting business.  This year everyone would be thinking summer one week, fall the next or the beginning of spring. We have had so little snow that it is a conc...
It used to be I would look at my fuel costs when I filled my vehicle and shake my head.  Now I shake my pockets to see if I have any more money to get a half a tank of gas! I had never paid $90.00 to fill my Avalanche, up until this week.  This problem has been something that should have been add...
NO...really they dug a hole in the my son's backyard!  I get a call from my son, "hey dad, a local builder just crossed into my yard and dug a hole for back-fill dirt to put around their house to stop water from draining into the basement. What should I do?" I asked a few questions like are you s...
Some people go through all these antics and other look a issues very analytically.  My brother-in-law has had a year! His life was turned upside down without really trying.  First his wife of twenty years was caught cheating and decided she didn't want to be married any longer. He had to buy a ho...
You may not think that little document called a will is a big deal.  Let me tell you, it is a big deal when someone close to you passes and has possessions like a home, land, cars and furniture.  The law regarding death without a will is well tested and very clear. I have had to deal with four de...
You never know who or what the question may be when you answer a phone call.  I have turned my efforts toward internet marketing, with great results.  This also has increased area from where phone calls are received. Yesterday I am calling back a young man located hundreds of miles away from my o...
How long do you schedule for showing a buyer a home?  When showing multiple home you have a tentative schedule that you set as your showing time. I recently had a young man take over an hour looking over a home.  It wasn't new, it wasn't a costly home and it wasn't his first home purchase.  I had...
I recently became involved as a volunteer for a Woman's Life Chapter #876 that is sponsoring a fundraiser for the Smith Regional Respite Center in Allendale Michigan. One of my agents, Therese VanderMeer is a member of the group.  We were discussing a listing.  Therese then shared her involvement...

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