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Here are five quick handy tips to have to make your home or life just a little bit more simpler: 1) Colander Cleanup - just lightly coat the colander with some non-stick cooking spray before using it to drain your pastas or potatoes.   2) Time to put up that Grill for the Winter - Clean Grill Tri...
Remember those who have served and those serving! It's because of their sacrifice and hard work that we're able to be in a Land of the Free and Brave. Having all the liberties that we now have.  Every day should be Veterans Day! Thank someone today by honoring them with a gift. whether it's just...
Do you consider yourself a good neighbor or do you have good neighbors around you?  In an age where technology rules and connectivity happens more in cyberspace than in the cul-de-sac, let's not lose sight of the tremendous benefits to stepping out of the front door and getting to know your neigh...
This is the time of year when we can start looking back and reflecting how our year has been and what we can do for the New Year! It's always a great time to give thanks for all the wonderful things that have happened to us and to our families and friends over the past year.  Thank you family mem...
We love to hear these words, "We have a clear to close" and now the close date has been set and it's the day or two before closing. Please don't forget to have your final walk through before the home is actually yours. Here's a few things you may need to remember: 1) Make sure the repairs you req...
What are you doing to better yourself and those around you? Are you making your life better and the lives of others? In order to help those around you, you must first take care of you! Take the time to list your skills and abilities and see where you might need help or improvements. Once you have...
This is the time of year that we can take a day or even a couple of hours and go through some of our old things, whether it's clothes, paperwork or just stuff that you haven't used for years.  My thing is if it's still sitting in that same place in the corner basement and you haven't touched it i...
What are your plans in setting your dining table for the upcoming holidays? Whether you plan to set a traditional table or a ready to mix it up a bit, add your own personality and spice to your holiday dinner meal time with just some simple and decorative touches. You can use mini pumpkins or gou...
I'm sure most of us have a To Do List of some kind or a list to help us along the way so we will not forget certain things. This is a great time to make a list of all the things you will need for your Thanksgiving dinner along with your Christmas dinner.  It's also a great time to make home made ...
We are entering into the holiday season and we sometimes can get so caught up on work and running errands, that we will forget to take time for ourselves. So before you get too busy with work and running those errands, make sure you block some free time, alone time or peace time for yourself. You...

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