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ActiveRain has done SO MUCH for so many of us and this is one of the ways we can thank ActiveRain for being "ActiveRain"!  Cast your vote for the 2011 People's Choice Innovator Award which recognizes a standout real estate-related technology!!  CAST YOUR VOTE!Inman News is holding their annual vo...
When you choose me to represent you in what's probably the biggest purchase of your life, buying a home, I do not ask you to sign on the dotted line tying you to me forever.  Maybe you won't like me or I won't like you...hey, it happens but once we choose to work together, all is ask is for your...
  If you are buying a condo and using FHA financing Rodney explains below how delinquent Homeowners Association ("HOA") dues affect your FHA mortgage.   Thinking of buying a condo in Essex County, New Jersey?  Buying a condo in Essex County requires doing your homework and asking questions.  Let ...
Honestly, I have nothing against For Sale by Owners but For Sale by Owners cannot utilize our MLS and avoid paying our commission - it's that simple. Reading a Q&A on Trulia really got me going this morning.  The question read:  How can a Seller get an MLS listing w/o paying commission? The rest ...
After hearing of a four year old Fairfield boy rescued today when he was found drowning in an inground pool, I thought about how important pool safety is.  Remember children drown without a sound and pool safety is a must!  The following is a list of Pool Safety Rules.  All are equally important ...
Your intention was to be patriotic and not violate or disrespect the American Flag, but did you know that Flag Patterns Violate the United States of America's Flag Code?  Keep in mind before you proudly flaunt your red white and blue stripes, you may be in violation of the United States Flag Code...
Many think who believe that 4th of July is all about the fireworks and barbecues are wrong!  4th of July is our patriotic holiday as we CELEBRATE the INDEPENDENCE of OUR COUNTRY.  Sure people dress up in red, white and blue and celebrate with barbecues, parades, trips down the shore and festivals...
  From blenders to bath towels, bridal registries have helped newlyweds get a head start in their new life together by filling their home with all of life’s necessities from everyday living to formal entertaining.   Many newlyweds often consider buying their first home while they are still engage...
Don't Believe the Hype ~ YES there are multiple offers on homes for sale in Fairfield New Jersey.  It's hard not to believe the hype and to ignore the media, marketing, buzz, gossip and rumors that the market stinks, homes aren't selling, buyers aren't buying, banks and lenders aren't lending.......
Fairfield, New Jersey will start 4th of July weekend off with a BANG this year!   4th of July Fireworks in Fairfield will be on Thursday, June 30th at the Fairfield Recreation Complex on Hollywood Avenue.   The fun will start in Fairfield at 5:30 p.m., a variety of food will be available for purc...

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