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Sometimes you have to think Out of the Box…The pizza box that is! Many of us try think out of the box, be creative and unique when marketing our listings and even ourselves.  I’ve heard of using a string of keywords relevant to the hottest gossip topic or there was one rental in Fairfield where ...
Caldwell Residents Could Earn a Property Tax Credit for Shopping in Caldwell I think Caldwell residents earning a property tax credit for shopping in Caldwell is a great idea for Caldwell residents AND Caldwell business owners!  What a unique way to boost up the town's business and save money on ...
How Many Homes Will You List on Friday?  Do you know what the best day of the week to sell a home is?  According to REALTOR® Magazine's What’s the Best Day of Week and Month to List? the best day of the week to sell a home is Friday! The article states that according to a study by real estate bro...
SHAME ON BANK OF AMERICA for DENYING a LOAN MODIFICATION and now Gail's home is going into foreclosure! Below is Gail's true story of her true hardship and struggle to modify her loan while Bank of America does NOTHING to help her.  Despite the bail outs and pleas from homeowners to modify their ...
One Bedroom Condo for Sale at Fox Hills Rockaway New Jersey  If your looking for an active, adult community with the simplicity of one floor, easy style living and the amenities of a resort this one bedroom condo for sale at Fox Hills Rockaway New Jersey may be for you.   This one bedroom condo f...
Selling Your Own Home in Essex County New Jersey If you are selling your own home in Essex County, New Jersey, I commend you for taking the bull by the horn and deciding to sell your home on your own without the assistance of an Essex County Real Estate Agent.  Believe me, as a real estate agent ...
Keep your pipes from freezing during this cold New Jersey winter!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...It's cold out there. Albeit a little spoiled in North Jersey with relatively mild temperatures this winter but this week these freezing temps have me chilled to the bone!!  5 Day Forecast Photo Courtesy of We...
After receiving an email today for the New Jersey Association of REALTORS® about a false website,, not only misusing the REALTOR® trademark but attempting to scam real estate agents by paying money to remove negative ratings and consumer complaints, I turn on my computer to...
Ouch! I thought shingles belong on a roof!!  I was just starting to feel better from the pneumonia that beat me up and left me in bed from Christmas Eve through New Year's.  Then, the tingling, stinging, razor burn discomfort began under my left arm.  Thinking the pneumonia settled somewhere, onc...
The most current Fairfield New Jersey Real Estate Information can be found at Fairfield New Jersey's Real Estate Facebook Page.   The Garden State Multiple Listing Service has a "Hotsheets" feature.  This feature enables an agent to focus on their market area by selecting which towns appear on th...

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