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Saw this article, and thought I'd post it for the Mac users among us:  From Financial Times:   Apple's rising popularity lures hackersAfter years of relative safety, the Apple Mac is becoming an increasingly tempting target for malicious computer hackers, according to a new report published this ...
I have just recently updated my website, It takes a lot of time. Perhaps too much. There is a couple of things that made this much more than just a freshening or updating of some text or code:•1.       I am making the switch from Microsoft FrontPage to Adobe D...
There is an interesting articles in today's Philadelphia Inquirer about real estate blogs. Blogs have several advantages over traditional Web sites, according to Paul Chaney, who with Richard Nacht of Princeton's Blogging Systems published the book Realty Blogging in November 2006. "Blogs provide...
Here is an interesting article posted on RISMEDIA. I am going to quote one section that I think quite important the readers of my blog:4. Provide compelling and relevant visual content.Prospective buyers want the most visual content they can get their hands on: multiple still photos, panoramic 36...
The broker-owner of a bankrupt mortgage company pleaded guilty Wednesday afternoon to mail fraud charges in federal court in Harrisburg. His attorney says he is "not a bad guy" despite the loss of millions of dollars of missing or stolen money - and placing over 800 borrowers in deep mortgage deb...
The Reading Eagle is reporting:"Wesley A. Snyder did not show up Tuesday as required for the meeting of creditors of his six companies now in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy court trustees in the case said Snyder had been advised by Emmanuel H. Dimitriou, his attorney in a separate criminal case, not to a...
When you click on the website link below, a world map comes up showing what strange & dangerous threats are happening at this moment in every country in the entire world & is updated every few minutes. You can move the map around, zero in on any one area & actually up-load the story of what is go...
For those that have been following my blog, you know I have been posting some bad real estate photographs here. I called them "no-no" photos -- all because they were bad and should not have been used to market any property.Well, I just learned of the REAgent in Connecticut blog. It's here at: htt...
The dwindling importance of newspapers is another trend that is contributing to the increasing professionally created virtual tours to market real estate. Former newspaper readers are moving to a more photo friendly medium (the world wide web) with less limited space for photos as compared to tra...
I just picked this interesting comment off another website: Not only do we get a tenant quickly with craigslist but the tenant usually calls to reserve the rental over the phone without asking to see the home because after seeing my full screen 360 tour they feel they can make their decision. I t...

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