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My blog is full of great risk management advice for real estate agents who want to stay out of trouble.
After managing over 12 years in large offices,  I think I have a good feel for why agents fail,  especially new ones. I am convinced that if you do something and do it well for long enough in real estate, you will prevail. It doesn't matter whether that is floor/up calls,  open house, knocking on...
Actually nothing except real estate agents have to eat too.  Especially,  real Texas style BBQ,  which means that the meat is cooked by smoke,  not directly over the heat. That is what is called. Grilling If you aren't aware of it,  there is a fabulous website with lots and lots of information, a...
If you read my bio,  you know that in addition to being an agent,  I also am a frequent expert witness in litigation when agents are sued.  First,  there are typically several experts hired since each side is trying to find out if their guy (or gal) made mistakes well as seeing if they coul...
Unless you went to sleep a couple of weeks ago,  it must be quite clear that this fiancial crisis didn't just happen  And,  all the finger pointing at Wall Street (and I think they are mostly weasels) was a diversion away from the real culprits.  The congress put incredible pressure on Fannie Mae...
I was in a seminar given yesterday by the FBI fraud division.  They were discussing their efforts to clean up real estate fraud of various kinds.  Right behind me,  an agent raised her hand and asked, ......."You know,  for the longest time,  we have been putting anything on the loan app that wou...
A lot of people in our Biz are not properly trained.  It is much too easy to get into our business and agents,  especially part timers are not held to any standard.  There are offices in our area where there are 200+ agents,  most of which have full time jobs.   Even if their office offerred trai...
I don't know about your office but so many agents I speak with are down.  Sales are down,  except for REO and shortsales.  Interest rates are great except it is harder to get a loan.  You can add the rest.  Most of the agents I see are just wandering around,  without a clear focus of what to do n...
I was just on a panel this morning with an REO Assett manager from Wacovia bank.  Let me share some of the ideas that he and I gave to the attendees: If you can,  always talk with the listing agent before you write an offer.  Each bank has its own quirks,  so you need to know what they expect,  o...
The following is an email that I received from my friend Carl Zanger.  He is very upset but thought you might like to hear another side of the story that you are not going to hear in the traditional media.  (forgive his language but it seems appropriate)   This is my opinion and mine only...if yo...
Here's the story: An top agent with lots of assistants,  represented an out of town buyer.  Once in contract,  the unlicensed assistant took over the transaction.  She compiled all the disclosures and reports and sent them to the buyer.  Her cover sheet said something like: "Here are your disclos...


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Guy Berry is a frequent expert witness in real estate litigation and an accomplished trainer in real estate law and contracts. In addition he has been licensed for 30 years as an agent and managed large offices, including Coldwell Banker and Century 21.