I havn't posted anything like this in a while. I had to share this one with you! I found it totally by accident and as I watched in amazement I thought WOW. Whenever I think WOW, I know you will think WOW too!Are you smiling in amazement like me? Are you thinking WOW?
            The weekend of Oct 6th and 7th Century 21 Sundance will be participating in the Century 21 Open House Extravaganza!    All of our inventory will be open to the public, unless otherwise specified. To see one of properties, stop into one of our Century 21 Sundance offices and speak to o...
                                                 Try looking at the Second Chance Animal Rescue in Daytona Beach Shores! After having 3 different dogs in my family, I would love to have a dog again and so would Steve, however right now is not the time. We have discussed it and when we do decide i...
ALL Proceeds Benefit LOCAL AREA CHARITIES!  NASCAR Craftsman Truck Driver (& current Points Leader) and local Daytona Area resident Mike Skinner along with his wife Angie are hosting the "Second Annual Skinner Round Up"on Thursday and Friday, September 27th and 28th here in Daytona Beach, FL. The...
I have a lot of ideas this week to share with you, however I saw this gentleman interviewed on Good Morning America last Friday mooring and all I could think was WOW, I want to share this with everyone I can. So many of us right now are in a state of uncertainty, well folks let me tell you someth...
Yes, I met a "rehabber", a person that takes in orphaned or injured animals and or mammals and cares for them until they can be released back into the wild or an appropriate home is found.   You knew it was only a matter of time before I did a post like this didn't you?   Steve calls me from work...
It's Awesome! Now don't misunderstand me, I didn't pen a book, I'm talking about 'MY BOOK' an external memory device put out by Western Digital. It's the size of a hard cover book and doesn't take up much room. The one I have is 320GB, the cost? Approximately $130.00. ( price)When my da...
Well... I just don't like spiders, snakes aren't all that bad... Only 6 out of our 44 Florida snakes are venomous! These snakes are the eastern coral, the southern copperhead, the cottonmouth, and 3 species of rattlesnake; eastern diamondback, timber and the dusky pygmy rattler. If you see one of...
            On Saturday, September 8th the residents of Pelican Bay, a gated "golf community" here in Daytona had their quiet lifestyle interrupted for a couple hours by the thunder of around 50 bikers and their machines.   They were riding up and down Pelican Bay Drive and in and out of the Pel...
Sunday, September, 9th, the Red Knights, Palm Coast Chapt 11 sponsored a "911 Memorial Ride" for All Fallen Hero's. Steve and I arrived about 930 and there was a good turn out already. Everything was very well organized and water was available to us as it was already very warm at 9:30.   I had ne...

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