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Home Inspection and Commercial Building Inspections, mold assessments including mold inspections and sampling, radon testing and water quality analysis in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.
Nashville Home Inspection - Poor Roof Installation - What's Wrong With This Picture? 4.16.11 HINT:  Actually there are three things wrong.  One involves metal, one involves wood, and one issue involves proximity.  Please see the picture below for the first issue discussed, the metal issue. ANSWER...
HABITEC Inspects Retail Services Building HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, is pleased to announce the completion of a Commercial Building Property Condition Assessment of a 5000 square foot single story retail sales building!  This 60 year old building has been renovated and increased ...
Question:  How much water or moisture in the crawl space is too much?  For instance, is the moisture indicated by the picture below too much? ANSWER:  Yes!  When the mushrooms start growing in the crawl space, that has to be too much moisture.  I am not aware of any numerical metric to declare a ...
Nashville Home Inspection - House Fire Caused by Tree Hitting a Power Line.  Recently it was reported in the linked article above from The Tennessean that a house fire was caused by a tree hitting a power line.  This is a scenario that is all too common yet easily avoided.  Look at the picture be...
Interior Electrical Wiring - What's Wrong With This Picture? HINT:  When it comes to interior electrical wiring, if you can see it clearly, then it is probably clearly wrong. Answer:  When it comes to interior electrical wiring, there is rarely a time when you should see exposed Nonmetallic Sheat...
Nashville Home Inspector - Gas Line Meter Barrier - What's Wrong With This Picture? HINT:  I suppose it could stop a small car?! ANSWER:  The idea behind a barrier to protect the gas line and meter is to stop most vehicles that might drive up to this setting before they can hit the meter or line....
Nashville Home Inspector - Service Conductor Intrusion - What's Wrong With this Picture? 3-22-11 HINT:  Electrical power and vegetation should not share the same space. ANSWER:  It is seldom a good idea that vegetation and power lines share the same space.  This vine grew up from below and seriou...
The Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS (GNAR) has announced Achievement Awards for 2010.  Hagan Stone was selected as REALTOR of the YEAR for 2010.  Hagan is an active residential REALTOR at Pilkerton Realty in Nashville, TN.  Hagan is currently a Vice President at GNAR and has served on t...
HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, is pleased to announce reaching two major milestones in the Continuing Education Course, Tennessee Home Inspection, offered by HABITEC to REALTORS licensed in TN! First, we have now passed the century mark with over 100 REALTORS participating in the cou...
Proximity of Vegetation To A Building When HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, conducts Home or Building Inspection in Nashville or Middle Tennessee, inspection of the vegetation at the exterior or the building is one of the components of the inspection.  Vegetation in close proximity to ...

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