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SAC's goal is to provide a place for knowledge sharing, a source for current information on the real estate appraisal industry, tips on the newest appraisal software and technology for Appraisers - Lenders - Home Buyers - Home Sellers, and residential and commercial real estate analysis and trends in Lee County, Florida and surrounding the area.
In case you missed the NBC News feature story this week about SW Florida's real estate market click here to be directed to the video. The story concentrated on the affordability of homes and vacant land in the SW Florida market, or what they called "The Flip Side of the Foreclosures". MSNBC also...
NBC News featured SW Florida’s real estate market and the story concentrated on housing affordability on the Flip Side of the Foreclosure Epidimic. Lower prices are attracting buyers back into the market, and home sales statistics bear this out. Home sales have been up dramatically over last yea...
The Good News In Florida …Bankers Assure Gov. Crist money is available for home loans,  Did you know that there is $541,000,000 coming in Federal aid for Foreclosure assistance, and Countrywide agrees to pay $1 Billion to Floridians who suffered from predatory lending! 1.  Bankers have assured G...
The Federal Reserve led a coordinated round of global official rate cuts on today and were joined by: Bank of Canada   Bank of England  European Central Bank Sveriges Riksbank (Bank of Sweden) Swiss National Bank  In an attempt to stem unprecedented global market turmoil, the Fed cut its key fede...
I have a recommendation to those of you longing for a good starting ground to learn about finance in “Wallstraits”. Konwledge@Wharton is essentially Wharton business school’s knowledge base.         Stephen A. Cunningham; MAI, CCIM Managing Director Email: Offi...
Wanted: A President Who Can Lead During a Time of 'Daunting' Challenges The next president has a big to-do list: Lead a nation that is at war in two countries, eliminate or make a big dent in the federal budget deficit, avert the collapse of the financial system and manage the tsunami of entitlem...
Some of the banking industry's first responses won't be immediately visible to most Americans, but they are critical to the proper functioning of the U.S. financial system. For instance, a drop in a crucial short-term lending rate called the London Interbank Offered Rate, or Libor, would be a tel...
U.S. securities regulators gave the financial industry a reprieve from marking hard-to-value assets down to fire sale prices, throwing a lifeline to an industry beset by strained credit markets and the latest round of bank failures. In a letter to SEC Chairman Christopher Cox on Tuesday a biparti...
Under pressure from banks and legislators, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued an interpretation(below) of an accounting standard that could make it easier for banks to report smaller losses, or perhaps even profits, when they announce results for the third quarter, which ended Tuesday....

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