I opened my front door this morning to let the dogs out. Sitting on the front steps was a stack of first thought was, as I have just moved to this neighborhood, that it was the "Welcome Wagon".     On closer look, it was from a friend of mine that was cleaning her attic and bought ...
I have a very small bath that has green striped wallpaper. This house is older ( built circa 1969 ) and the tub, commode and tile is a pale yellow..YES I know I have my work cut out for me...Here is my question. I want to paint as the wallpaper has to go..I have tired to remove ( only by tearing ...
I just, by accident found your group. I am so excited to find a group that is for dog lovers...I cannot wait to read up on everyone and to get to know you and your dogs...I been on AR for over a year and have several posts however, and for reasons I do not know why, I have just found your group.....
Just when I thought that my days of being "Queen Loo" were over and the subject of commode covers could finally be put to rest ( or lets say the lid could be closed on the subject).... I get an e-mail from a lady who has read one of my blogs and asks where she can purchase a commode cover as she ...
I was pleasantly surprised  to discover the workmanship of  MIRACLE METHODout of Nashville, TN..I was so impressed with their work I wanted to share with you..also if any of you have used this system before please share your experiences with us. It is an excellent way to update any bath or kitche...
The top of the tree is always a challenge for some. I did a tree in a home that had 15 foot ceilings and we had to make the most of the extra room from the top of the tree to the ceiling, so that the tree would not get lost in the room....Problem solved by adding a large topper to the tree. I use...
  This is a high value home and the builder had completed the home several months ago. In fact he was actually living in the home and trying to sell at the same time. The budget was small on this one, so basically we did vignette staging in several rooms, just to give a lived in feeling for an op...
          Now I am not about to suggest that I look like her, however a couple of months ago I got a nasty e-mail from a reader on AR that suggested that I might like to update my hair style...This photo was taken several months before we even knew who Sarah Palin to the nasty letter wri...
Recently I received a call from a homeowner who has had her home on the market for over 4 months and has had 4 showings...during our discussion I asked what were the comments from the potential buyers after they saw the house.... She said they all said the same thing..that it smelled like cigaret...
I remember when I was just starting out on this venture. Starting my own business, not knowing what to do or better yet how to do it !!! I had questions and more questions. I decided to get my training at HSR and realized right away that I had made the right decision to sign with them. I was sing...

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