After long time I worked with a happy buyer, feels good. I just completed a transaction with a buyer who has absolute Zero complaints or regrets in any form or shape for buying a house. There is no complaint about the mountains being not so green, afternoons being so hot or windy, Other issues li...
During the loss of a loved one the emotions themselves can seem overwhelming. If and when the time comes to sell the family home you will need to make sure all the estate planning and home selling details are taken care of. Probate and estate planning can be complicated and deal with much sensiti...
Dear Aspirant, All youth (You too) are invited to this once a year Free Seminar in Orange County CA. Dedicated to Youth.  We all owe to our younger generation this kind of seminar. Please inspire them and provide necessary support to come to the Gayatri Chetna Center. Discover the inner Silence w...
Homes for Sale in Irvine California - Buying Secrets Irvine California is a wonderful location to settle down, raise a family or just be close to the action. Half way between Sand Diego and Los Angeles, Irvine California is located just off the beach with surprisingly affordable homes. Buying a h...
Exchange Basics Qualified PropertyTo meet the requirements of §1031, both Relinquished Property and Replacement Property must qualify. In other words, both the property you are selling and the property you are buying must be qualified property of like-kind. If not, your exchange will fail and be ...
Ways to Avoid Probate by Planning for the Future Now There are ways to avoid probate and some property situations that are not required to adhere to specific probate regulations.  These are typically associated with different taxes and rules though.  Certain accounts such as life insurance, 401K,...
How is a Probate Sale Different from a Typical Home Sale? When a home or estate owner is deceased the property can go into probate if there are numerous heirs, properties or debts. Once this is the case a personal representative and executor are issued to the estate or acknowledged by a will. The...
Are you in the market for a Real Estate Purchase? Here are Grant Program brief Highlights   This offer is for All the buyers exclusively working with me to purchase the home in Orange county, LA County and Riverside County. Please feel free to share it with the Colleagues, Relatives, Neighbors an...
Personal Representative in a Probate Transaction in California Regardless if there is a person named in the will as the personal representative the courts still must approve the decision. This is to verify the ability of the representative.  If one is not in place, the probate court may require t...
Probate is a legal proceeding where a state court looks over the process of identifying a deceased person's heirs, real estate and any debts. The main goal is to make sure the deceased debts are paid in full by the real estate or real property that remains. If there is a will, the executor or rep...

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