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Discover what others have, no one works harder to get you your dream house. Our experienced staff is here to work with you to develop your loan application quickly, accurately, and honestly to make the strongest case for you. Then we shop our network of wholesale lenders to find the loan program that fits you best. We pride ourselves in helping you get your questions answered with prompt, courteous service. We never forget that it is personalized one on one service that sets us apart from the rest.
Internet Leads. Direct Mail. Realtor and Builder Network. Open Houses. Email Campaigns.Radio Spots. Newspaper Adds. Joining Associations and Networking Groups. There are many ways that loan officers can drive their business. According to a recent statistic from Harvard Business School, 60-70% of ...
Are you looking for new ways to attract business? When looking at a mortgage transaction, most prospective clients are faced with the fear of being taken advantage of with fees, rates, etc. Referrals are one of the safest places to start when selecting who to go to for help. However, there is a p...
Part of creating a brand is making your product memorable in the minds of your current and future clients. In the mortgage industry you are the product. What is an effective way to make yourself memorable? What can you develop to "sell" you when you are not around? Your business card.Business car...
Did you know that the average consumer has a fear of being sold? Buyers are looking for a reason not to call you. But don't take it personally. Put yourself in the shoes of a homebuyer searching for a "dream house." You're paging though a real estate magazine you picked at the grocery store. Or p...
Several years ago I had a BIG "AHA" moment, and I hope this helps you the same way it helped me. You see, for all my years in the business I was REACTIVE, and rarely proactive. I worked hard because I thought I had to. What I finally realized was that I was working backwards and it was causing ul...
"The Sub-Prime market is slowing, credit standards are tightening, home values are flattening, and clients are no longer banging down doors to refinance. As a result, professionalism and expertise are more important than ever..."- Barry HabibCEO, Mortgage Market GuideWhen someone mentions the wor...
In any relationship, it seems to be the little things that keep the momentum alive. Little things such as the love notes, the flowers, and the unexpected cards and phone calls will help to nurture any relationship. Though I'm certainly not a relationship counselor, I am a student of marketing, an...
I read an article recently pertaining to Real Estate Marketing that absolutely shocked me. It said:"The average American consumer is exposed to at least 5,950 advertising or promotional messages in a week, according to a study in the Texas A&M University digital library..."As a marketing coach, s...
"It takes 10 times more time, effort and expense to win new customers than it takes to keep existing ones." If this is true, are you investing as much to develop the infrastructure and support existing customers as you spend on efforts to acquire new ones?How much is a loyal customer worth to you...

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