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Wow. I had a free evning and thought I would spend it hanging out at home and checking out the web. I have been so busy lately it is not even funny. Since my wife and I returned from vacation almost a month ago, I have  had dinner with her, exactly twice. this week, it looks like their may be a s...
Name: MR. Amara Ibrahim. Email Address: ibrahimamara01@hotmail.com Subject: Salam Ian Niquette IP: Message: Salam Ian Niquette, I am pleased to introduce a business opportunity to transfer to your overseas account the sum of($10.3 USD)Ten million Three hundred thousand United Stat...
This is the title of  a book that I really enjoy. It is the life story of a man named Harry Quadracci. The book takes you on a virtual tour of his life, starting when he was just a boy, and ending sadly with his death, after he had created a printing dynasty so to speak. If you get a chance to re...
This has actually happened to me a few times while sitting in traffic. Like most home inspectors, I drive a truck. I can haul everything I need and then some. I had it done by a graphics company last year. They put a nice sticker in the back window that I can see right through, it doesn't block m...
This is a blog from Bruce LaBell. I feel I should re-blog it because you can never be too diligent in your efforts to make your home a safer place. Thank you Bruce, and I hope everyone enjoys it.Home Safety Inspection Is your home fire and burn proof? A few simple steps can save your life and the...
                We all know water and electricity do not mix well. This can be a dangerous combination in our homes. The electrical feeds coming into our homes can provide various sources and opportunities for electricity and water to join forces.                 There are a few spots that we ne...
This tree has probably been in our yard longer than my wife or I have been on this planet. I really do love this tree. At last measurement it was 14 1/2 feet AROUND. Now that is a big tree. It provides us with plenty of shade when it is sweltering hot, and our dogs love to lay in its' shadow. We ...
            One of the key issues in energy efficiency is the insulation of your home. Proper insulation levels will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. When properly insulated this will be achieved more efficiently, thus at a lower energy cost for the homeowner.        ...
  Most of us know that mold can be bad for your health. Don't get me wrong, there are also good molds. But, in general, the type that can be growing in your home may have adverse effects on your health. The first step we should be taking in controlling mold is to control moisture. This can be don...
The weather in this area has been unseasonably warm for the last week or so. With this great weather can come alot of water realted problems in your home. Lets take a look at some of the issues I have noticed this past week. One huge problem is misplaced downspout extensions. These sometimes beco...

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