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How to Build a Gmail Email Signature with Social Media Icons Building an email signature for Gmail with social media icons isn't as hard as many agents think it might be.  The biggest challenge is finding free hosted images that you can embed since Gmail won't let you upload images to their serve...
Choosing the right real estate marketing mix for your business. This 16-minute video segment from our IMSD 2012 Business Planning class was just too good for us not to share with the real estate community.  Face it, no agent has the time, budget, and talent to generate buyer and seller leads from...
Ben Kinney has been named to the Inman 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders for 2011! We are very excited to announce that Ben Kinney has been named to the Inman 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders list for 2011.  If you've ever worked with Ben, you know that he brings a relentless energ...
One of the biggest mistakes that top agents make is that their real estate marketing is all about themselves.  To get the best return on your advertising, you need to understand what kind of marketing message is going to connect with different types of prospects.  For example, Buyers want to know...
Once you’ve connected with people, whether they are a close friend, business acquaintance, or an online lead, it’s your job to divide your sphere of real estate prospects into logical categories based on the frequency they should receive communications.  During this short segment from our "13 Way...
Join us for this three minute video segment from Ben Kinney's webinar, "How to Defeat the Top Agent in Your Market." Imagine a chair with four legs.  If one of those legs is taken away, the person occupying that chair is in for a bad surprise.  Your real estate marketing needs to be a chair with ...
Are you bringing innovative real estate ideas to your business or do you simply copy what you “think” is working from other real estate agents in your market.  You can spend your whole career chasing the top agent if you aren’t willing to take risks to grow your business and to see those efforts ...
Did you miss Ben Kinney’s, “13 Ways to Defeat the Top Agent in Your Market” webinar?  This article is a summary of the key points he made during the call.   Not an IMSD member?  Save $200 on your one year IMSD training membership by using the discount code DEFEAT.  Learn more about real estate ma...
IMSD Founder Ben Kinney is on the warpath again!  Did you catch the “13th Way to Defeat the Top Agent in Your Market” webinar?  During this call Ben shared the weaknesses of top agents and tips on how you can exploit those to your advantage. At the end of the webinar was a call to action… Send us...
IMSD has announced a free webinar on October 21st... 13 Ways to Defeat the Top Agent in Your Market How would you like take down the top producer in your local real estate market?  You know… that person who claims, “I don’t do any marketing because all of my business comes from referrals.”  Join ...

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