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Florida Architect John Henry blogs on a variety of subjects, from personal thoughts about state of the art architectural design and historical examples to motivational topics, local Orlando and Florida statistics and general information, and humorous stories.
"To look at the plan of a great City is to look at something like the cross-section of a fibrous tumor,"    Frank Lloyd Wright, 1945 Cramming things together may be efficient if you want to package sardines, but living in a high-density urban environment is showing to be definitely hazardous to y...
Busking is an honorable profession...  In French: to Busque,  ha SOWith a little time on my hands, after all the SEO I could stand, some CE courses, and general project catchup, I was asked by friends to break out the guitar.This morning, on a beautiful sunny and cool day on Morse Blvd., we had a...
Recently I have wondered about the construction industry in the Central Florida area as government shutdowns and stay in place orders proliferate here and around the country.Every business has been relegated status of Essential or Non-Essential.  Car mechanics, gas stations, food stores, hospital...
Yes, it really sounds bad and I am not going to go over the negative aspects of the current worldwide situation.  There are segments of our working people that will be adversely affected quickly and this is sad.  Hopefully, there will be assistance to mitigate the cash crunch that is inevitable a...
Well, maybe one or two simple things!Google, Bing and Yahoo search are constantly scouring the web to see who has fresh content and who doesn't.  When something is altered or added to, you get some points for that.  The points can add up when you do it more often!Adding a photo or retagging photo...
These are extraordinary times.  And in such times, extraordinary measures may be necessary to get the job.It doesn't need to be during a time of crisis to gauge a potential client's potentially hidden fears vs. overt needs/interests.When you are interviewing with a potential client you should be ...
This is the first sketch of a design for a custom home to be built in Jacksonville, Florida on the Atlantic backwater.  The owner is concerned about rising water and swells during hurricanes and decided that they wanted to be 11 feet above natural grade.How to do this without it looking like it i...
Yup, that's me above.  At the Pig Floyd's restaurant on a Saturday afternoon -- about 2 o'clock -- photo was sent to my relatives who decided to move to the hills of North Carolina and were posting sub-freezing temperatures and rain for several days in January. This winter we have turned on our e...
Doubt entered my mind the other day...I wondered its meaning.  I knew what it felt like and did not like it want to face it...again.My inner conscience thought it was a result of negligence, of being unprepared.Here is the definition from Merriam-Webster:    1a: a lack of confidence : DISTRUSThas...
Let's cut to the chase shall we?  I believe that fame should come before fortune, although it works the other way around as well.  In other words, reputation should propel success.  Ponder this:TEN WAYS BLOGGING ON AR WILL MAKE YOU RICH AND FAMOUS  Blogging is an activity requiring mental prepara...

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