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That lenders have a tough time with the theory of a HIGHER purchase price than the actual list price? I am telling you this because if FHA is the mother of all financing right now, people are going to find ways for the seller to contribute 9% (6% seller concessions toward closing costs and 3% tow...
Okay, I am doing this from a loan officer's point of view and of what I have seen how it is reported to credit reports. When someone has a short sale (sells it for less than the balance owed, that the lender accepted) it reports to the credit report as a 120 day late AUTOMATICALLY and it will say...
Lookie hear what the house passed,The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday approved legislation to create a $300 billion mortgage-insurance fund and provide billions more in homeowner aid to stabilize a housing market shaken by a wave of foreclosures and a credit crunch. The string of bills ...
I stumbled across an interesting website for real estate agents and I thought I would share. It's called and here is a summary that is on their webpage showing what they do:Hobbs/Herder is founded on a single belief: real estate is a marketing business, not a selling b...
Loan Officers are always looking for the one tip that will help them close every loan. They seek out that one program that will instantly bring borrowers to their door. They will try a new script everyday because yesterday's didn't work for them.I'm here to tell you there is no magic bullet, ther...
I hit 10000 points and counting. I have been waiting for this day like everyone else! I hope to have more points soon, especially when I hit that 100k points mark. I guess I have way too much time on my hands. :) On another note, I am curious, how else can you get points besides blogs, comments, ...
Isn't this the truth? I received this in an e-mail and I think this is SO true. THE MAN WHO SOLD HOT DOGS There was a man who lived by the side of the road and sold hot dogs.He was hard of hearing so he had no radio.He had trouble with his eyes, so he read no newspapers.BUT HE SOLD GOOD HOT DOGS....
Or contact Simplified Cleaning! This is great for sellers and buyers who are just moving in or moving out. I can get you in touch with some of the greatest cleaners in the Metro Atlanta area. Or if you need a gift certificate for your clients as a "listing incentive," I can help you out with that...
Someone sent me this today as an advertisement. I am not posting every single word, but this does make you think....Contrary to widely held belief, success is NOT for everyone.For instance, success is not for the weak, fragile or cowardly especially when it relates to marketing.The first thing yo...
This is just for curiosity and your opinion.  If I were to send you this e-mail, would you respond? What grabs your attention? The reason for my asking is because I do my marketing by networking and by e-mailing real estate agents. Some people consider it "spam" I only consider it spam if you can...

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