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HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is a big part of any commercial property, typically a large part of the constant maintenance and upkeep that needs to be done.  Why do maintenance on your HVAC system?  The simple reason is that maintenance helps you avoid those cataclysmic failure...
Lenders, particularly subprime ones, are closing up shop in droves these days.  Here are a few:E-loan announced it will close their sub prime wholesale division ResMAE listed for sale Wachovia Corp.'s consolidation of its wholesale operations will result in layoffs Fieldstone announced that it's ...
On average, companies need about 250 square feet per employee, but that fluctuates greatly depending on the type of business.  For example, a law firm with executive offices could be up in the 800 to 1000 square foot range, whereas a call center could get away with 180 to 200 square feet. 
Landlords will often ask for a personal guarantee from start-up businesses, service businesses, and companies in highly volatile industries, to protect themselves from tenants who may go belly up and move out.  However, if you are a credit rated tenant with a history of growth, 2-3 years of finan...
In a word, everything.  In Denver, the commercial real estate market is tightening; office space is filling up (only 13.4% vacancy for office space in Denver) and lease rates are climbing, prompting a new round of new speculative building.  In some ways, this means that with a higher demand, land...
Most of us have those dreaded words "I will have to pull your credit" when shopping for a new home or auto.  We know, or have been told, that too many credit inquiries can lower our scores.  What can we do to make sure that credit inquiries don't drag down our scores?  Here are some tips on how i...
Home equity lines of credit, or Heloc's, have always been a popular way to access a home's equity and put that cash to use, whether to remodel and renovate the home, pay off other debts, or even put a child through college.  But how do they work?  A Heloc is basically a low interest credit card, ...
Your credit scores, or FICO scores, are put together by an array of information that the credit companies gather and then assess on five different categories and percentages.  First is your payment history, and this counts for 35% of your FICO score.  Paying accounts on time are a positive; late ...
In the last few years, interest only loans have skyrocketed into popularity and borrowers are often confused at whether an interest only loan makes sense over the traditional principal and interest loan.  Lets take a look at some of the features of an interest only loan, and weigh both their posi...
This year these tidbits seem even more important.  It has been cold and snowy not only here in Colorado, but across the country, from California to Maine.  Here are a few ways to save on that sky high energy bill.•1.      Buy a $50 programmable thermostat, and you'll never have to remember to dia...

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