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I enjoy blogging on Active Rain. I try to write about useful things that I encounter with my experiences as a real estate professional.
Both Senators in the last week have agreed that they received preferential treatment in obtaining mortgage loans, from Countrywide Home Loans. The special treatment is obviously becuase they are US Senators and neither seems to have known that such "Favors" were done for them by Countrywide CEO, ...
Ok you have a purchase deal completed and there a pool table and a some furniture included in the sales contract. You think to yourself "No problem, anything is possible if both parties agree in writing." If there is a mortgage involved, there might be a problem. The Real Estate Appraiser must an...
Missour Governor signs House Bill 2188 This "Mortgage Fraud Law" appears have stiff penalties for those who hurt the public. This new law is designed to punish Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Brokers & salespeople, and Appraisers, who perform things that are already illegal. These things are all we...
I got an appraisal order this week, it was in East St Louis, Illinois. I went there this morning, for the field observation. About half way through the walk thru I started noticing a smell. I began to walk around each room and wonder where it was coming from. The smell stayed with me regardless o...
Several years ago, I accepted an appraisal assignment in a area of Northern St Louis City. This is an are of the city with several vacant and deteriorated buildings. When setting up the appointment, I agreed to a 5:00 PM appointment. I had an earlier inspection, that day, and drove by my later ap...
You are trying to get a mortgage loan and you fall out with your mortgage professional or somebody offers you an overall better mortgage. You paid for your appraisal, it is yours correcct? No, your mortgage lender engaged the appraiser, for an appraisal report, and they are the client. Many mortg...
I look at my home area of St Charles County, MO, and I see a market that is crippled by many things. (I often rant about negative news on real estate, however here I go.) This area is not unlike many other areas across the country. I see many potential new home buyers that cannot qualify for a mo...
I would like to thank Mr. Ives for inviting me into the Real Estate Professionals Group. I received the invitation this afternoon. I am a Real Estate Appraiser in Eastern Missouri servicing The Metro St Louis area Missouri and Illinois. This looks like an interesting group of blogs and I look for...
In today's current economic conditions, bankruptcy has become a decision for many individuals. While this cannot be avoided by many, if there is real estate involved in the bankruptcy usually a valuation report is required. This is true for chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. The market value o...
Tomorrow morning I am going to perform an observation for an appraisal that was already completed. My second appraisal is in response to a first appraisal report which mentioned dirty carpet and floor coverings to be in overall below average condition due to dirty carpet. I am told that a Real Es...

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