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Home and Commercial Property Inspections throughout the Delaware Valley and Lehigh Valley areas. All inspections include our FREE package of warranties including: *5 Year Roof Leak Warranty *90-Day Home Warranty *$4000 SewerGard Warranty *$2000 MoldSafe Warranty In addition to our Home Inspection, we also do Stucco Inspections, New Construction Inspections, Condo Inspections, Investor Inspections, Pre-Listing Inspections, Seller's Inspections, Renter Inspections. First Time Buyer Specialists. Award Winning Client Service
With the econony (and many real estate markets) performing, ummm let's say "slugglishly" to be polite, I am all about saving money! OK, truth be told, it's my wife that is the saving nut and I'm just along for the ride.  I don't mind saviung money (who does?) but I don't want it to painful, or fe...
Winter is here.  And, as always, oil prices are expected to rise continuously in coming months, so I thought I might report some winterizations tips and tricks. With energy prices on the rise, no matter what method you use to heat your home (well, except maybe solar and geothermal) it is sure to ...
Since many deals seem to be falling through before getting to closing, I thought I would offer a quick checklist of items that Realtors can use to "pre-inspect" the home during their showings or pre-bid walkthroughs. This is not to suggest that Realtors suddenly start doing the job of inspectors ...
Heading Off Environmental Concerns  Other scary words that have been known to spook buyers include: Mold Asbestos Lead But each of these can be addressed with buyers long before an inspection if you recognize it for what it is and discuss the solutions with them.  Quite frankly, some people are j...
"Pre-inspecting" the Home Beat the Deal Killer to the Punch! Some items that come up on an inspection are safety or code related issues that - when described by a Deal Killer - can scare even a sensible buyer out of a deal.  How a buyer is educated about these problems will determine whether they...
It takes an experienced inspector, skilled in communication to help educate a buyer about their home, taking care to address their concerns, and helping them understand that every ungrounded outlet is not a screaming death trap waiting to strike. And, it takes a skilled and professional agent to ...
Lately, it seems that more and more deals are dying on the vine before ever getting to closing.  Partly this is based on unreasonable expectations of buyers who feel emboldened to ask for outrageous concessions due to the market conditions.  First time buyers, nervous buyers, or buyers who want l...
For three years now, I have been trying to fulfill one of my girlfriend's wishes and participate together in the Mother's Day Race for the Cure in Philadelphia (May 11).  Since we are both single parents, life often intervenes, especially since her kids like to take some time to do something for ...
Today I will go out and play Powerball, Mega Millions, and hit the tables in AC all night because all the stars have aligned.  It has finally happened.I HAVE FOUND AN HONEST ROOFER!It's true.  I know what you are all saying:  "There is no such thing.  It's a myth like the Easter Bunny, Leprechaun...
I got this email from someone last night.  I am not able to help them due to time constraints but was able to offer some heplful advice.As you will read, yet another builder got someone to absolve them of responsibility for mold (unbelievable!)  This is fairly typical of some builders and often p...

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