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SEO results, great but are they "sticking" on the site. Inna Hardison of the HaMedia Group has a SENSATIONAL BLOG POST on this subject. How it doesn’t have a Gold Star is beyond me. I appreciate the extensive tips contained herein. Lords knows I can’t figure out any of this on my own. And a word...
Beware of Fake City Inspectors gaining access to homes. Robert Siciliano, our Security Expert, writes about an instance of this in Massachusetts (yeah, I blew the spelling. Thank heavens for spell check) but I bet this has happened many times before and is happening as we read this post! And I a...
Mobile Phones and Security..Robert Siciliano writes in his latest blog post. Scary thought, losing your wallet. Even a bigger potential risk losing a smart phone or your iPad. As they used to say on Hill Street Blues (and that really dates me) "Let's be careful out there."Mobile payments generall...
How’s the Government HAMP Loan Modification Program Doing? I just read a post on AR asking that question. The blogger had disabled the comments. Well, I guess so. He was pitching his companies refinance program. I took his headline as a challenge, ran with it, and the answer won’t surprise very ...
TOO FUNNY BY HALF! A FRAUD WARNING FROM NIGERIA. UNBELIEVABLE! “Attention Sir/Madam, The Federal Government of Nigeria through provisions in Section 419 of the Criminal Code came up with punitive measures to deter and punish offenders. The Advance Fee Fraud section deals mainly with cases of adv...
TUCSON REAL ESTATE SALES FIGURES FOR MARCH 2011 Random highlights in sales numbers in Tucson for March 2011  We had a Total Sales Volume increase of 19.28% from February to March.  That’s a good thing.  Average Sales Price of $163,590 decreased 10.31% from February’s $182,388 and from $201,710 f...
SEO company solicitations. What's their story? I know it can’t be just me, but I get at least one unsolicited call and one unsolicited email from “strange” companies all saying essentially the same thing. They promise to do such fantastic work on my site that it will achieve 1st page Google resu...
"WHERE THE RUBBER DIVIDES US" Brian makes a great point, both with his written copy, and also with his great and fun illustration. His point, if I read the post correctly, is that we are better as a person, and certainly as REALTORS if we take the time and the thoughtfulness to think about others...
"STILL PRE-QUALIFIED FOR AN FHA LOAN?" A very timely reminder from Renee Gerke up in Scottsdale. And these seemingly small percentages could indeed blow the borrower's loan approval. You need to check with the lender to insure no surprises down the road. We need to do everything in our power to k...
"THE BETTER MOUSE TRAP". Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector, is in my eyes the "King" of home inspectors on Active Rain. He obviously knows his job, but also has the ability to do great blog posts to show us, with nice illustrations, what he has found. I am sooooo envious of the washing machin...

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