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Friday.  Today is Friday and time is going by fast.  Very fast.  Embarking on a different path can be difficult at times, even if it's still within the realm of what we're doing.  When you try to be a little different, there seems to be so much in front of you that you want and need to do."Someti...
Thursday.  For many of you, you're trying to do other things within the same 'vane' of what you are currently doing.  Many find limits and challenges doing this along the way.  I know that I am.  I have been embarking on a journey that I believe will be very fruitfull financially and mentally for...
Wednesday.  Time flies and days go by quickly.  Things crop up that keep you off of the path that you have set for yourself in wanting to do specific things (ask me how I know).  Many times you'll be off coarse, but that's ok because you have a certain destination in mind."If you change the way y...
Tuesday.  There are lots of you that keep trying different things.  There is always a better 'mouse trap' or a way of doing something, but most likely with what you have works, you just have to work it.  Don't get 'shiny penny' syndrome."There is always a better way."~ Thomas Edison
Monday.  Wow, the start of the 3rd month of the year.  I really do hope that things are better for you now than they were in 2020.  Remember, that if you do things to the best of your ability, then there's nothing wrong with that.  That's a good thing.  If you didn't do or start or finish what yo...
Friday.  Today is Friday and the second month of the year is almost over.  Wow, time flies!  Things don't always go the way that you want them to, but most of the time you do your best.  Don't beat yourself up when it doesn't work.  Tweak it.  If that doesn't work, go a different route.  I want t...
Thursday.  Momentum seems to give some angst.  You need direction for what you're doing to help you gain the momentum that you need.  Once you start in that direction, it's very difficult to stop once the momentum that you are seeking is gained."Success is like a snowball...You gotta get it movin...
Wednesday.  This is also known a hump-day because it's in the middle of the week.  For me, it is full of decisions, well, yesterday I made a decision and today I'm going to start implimenting it.  I guess for me, it's implimentation day.  Whatever your decision is going to be, just get it done an...
Tuesday.  Do you have something in mind that you're hoping to accomplish each day?  I do.  I don't always finish what I've set out to do, but I do come close.  Sometimes, I actually make it.  How about you?Lately, because I'm creating my coaching and mentoring program along with a very specific c...
Monday.  Many of us have ideas on things that we want to do or accomplish.  One of the issues is that we're not really sure if it's a good idea or not.  Many of us talk to other contempories to see if it might work or not, however, one negative comment to someone might override 10 positive respon...

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