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When I first spotted local billboards about the end of the world being on May 21st (2011), I thought it about the last episode of the Oprah Show.  I mean no disrespect when I say that.  As a full-time real estate agent, you know that means that I am working all the time.  I miss out on a fair amo...
Are you thinking about relocating from another part of the country or the state?  Before you begin actually looking at the insides of houses, the first step is to decide what town you want to live in.  Don't laugh. That may sound really, really basic.  It is basic.   But you would be surprised ho...
I have been looking forward to Rain Camp in Dallas ever since it was announced. I have had it in my calendar for some time.  I have been protecting that time from possible intrusions for months.  Now I have had my ticket, printed out and waiting.   It is almost here.  I realized that I think I ma...
There are twp major marketing reasons why you put your picture on your business card.  The first is to make it easy to recognize you.  This comes into play when you give someone your card and 3 months later they are trying to remember which card is you.  Having your face on the card may trigger t...
Many of the roads in Dallas are named for the towns that the roads used to connect to.  Before Interstate Highways, if you wanted to go to Greenville, guess what road you used to do that?  Why, Greenville Ave, of course.  Ditto McKinney Ave, Denton Road, Ft Worth Ave. The one that isn't immediate...
I do a fair amount of work in Oak Cliff, the area of Dallas that is south from downtown.  It gets its name from the geological formation of tree-covered cliffs that were the original southern margin of the Trinity River before it got the Levee treatment.  Oak Cliff is beautiful, a place of hills ...
Walking into the common area of my condo complex last night, I heard the cry of a Nighthawk, the first of the season.  Just the sound made me smile, a pleasant ending to a long day.  Of the many birds I enjoy, I may like the Nighthawk best.  In an urban environment, the most common way to become ...
Driving through suburban sprawl, one strip center looks pretty much like the next.  The only way this place came to my attention was that I was in Flower Mound to take a friend to lunch. I picked him up at his work and he didn't have much time, so it was going to be one of those luck-of-the-draw ...
Thai Noodle & Rice is a little storefront Thai family diner that delivers fresh ingredients and cheap prices. How bad can that possibly be? A friend and I had planned to go to another restaurant in East Dallas. When we got there, it was closed. So, we just started driving. Going west on Fitzhugh,...
In terms of cheap eats, this place is on the list with Fuel City and Royal Sweets.  Buy 3 sandwiches for $9 and you get a 4th one for free.  That deal is difficult to beat.  We are talking about enormous sandwiches here.  Each sandwich is large enough to be split between two adults.   The bakery ...

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