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For me, staging a vacant listing is stressful!  While I love the opportunity to choose the "look" I also drive myself nuts over trying to find the perfect "thing" or making it look "perfect".  I spend way too much time thinking and worrying about it and in the end, there is always something that ...
Recently I had the pleasure of staging the model for a 6 unit condo complex.  I had so much fun with this project.  Since I usually stage occupied listings, it was a nice change of pace to do a vacant again.  I think it turned out great and wanted to share some pictures with you all here on AR.  ...
While staging several occupied listings these past two weeks, I've come to the conclusion.... I LOVE MEN!  They just get it without any questions asked!  I'll explain...  The majority of the time I stage an occupied listing, the homeowner is there.  I like that.  I like the extra help and I like ...
As stagers, are we being truthful or misleading when we cite statistics?  I read a blog this morning by Tim Maitski A Staged Home Sells on Average 17% higher.  Show me the Study which I think points out an issue of great concern to home stagers - the need to back up any statistics we refer to.  J...
As a professional home stager, I frequently hear homeowners and agents say it's not worth it to stage a home that's not in a higher price range.  That is simply not true.  On the contrary, usually homes in the lower price ranges need staging even more than expensive homes.  Home stagers are creat...
Wanted to post an update to my Dated Home Needs Staging - Help blog.  Thought I'd share a couple photos so you can see what I did.  I ended up just ignoring the mirror over the bed since I couldn't pull off any of the great suggestions some stagers gave me, it just didn't look right.  Unfortunate...
Attention all you creative AR stagers!  I need some suggestions for a dated home I'm staging on Monday.  Budget is limited and what you see is what you get.  In other words, there won't be any new updated furniture or paint, and the mirror over the bed is not coming down. It's attached on the wal...
In my pile of mail that I'm finally getting a chance to go through  I received a USAA Magazine.  As I flipped through it I came across an article titled "SHOWTIME" ... advertising the benefits of staging your home for sale and providing various tips and before & after photos.  More importantly, I...
 By now some of you may be figuring out that I just love unusual marketing ideas.  For some reason, I'm always thinking about them.  I guess it's another creative outlet for me.  I'm inspired by Karen Otto's spring marketing idea to share this one with you.  I've had it together for a while but h...
I wasn't too good about preparing for Valentine's Day marketing this year, but I did run across these cute gift bags at the dollar store.  I loaded them up with candy, brochures and business cards and dropped them off at several offices I've been working with.  I even ventured out of my comfort z...

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