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My wife and I frequent a local burger joint in the Wake Forest/Raleigh area that we really enjoy:  Spinner's Grill in Raleigh, Wakefield Commons, next to the movie theater.  If you like good burgers and fries, this is the place for you! They even play fun music, thus "Spinners", in relation to vi...
First, let me say this is one of the coolest photos of a Space Shuttle I've ever seen.  I've not seen it from this perspective before, as I cannot defy gravity for very long.   When I first saw this photo, I thought it was a rocket.  But it's Space Shuttle Endeavor from above the clouds, way far ...
How to make a saw bench / cut board One of the most crucial tools that we have for cutting is the saw board, also called the cut board.  It has two sides, and is actually both!    It holds the mitre saw (yes, I prefer the Olde English spelling for that, instead of miter; it just looks better!) in...
On a recent weekend trip to Boston we were going to see a play that my wife wrote about 12 years ago.  The play was put on in a small theatre, but really well done and enjoyable! On the flight up, I saw this sign on the plane.  It made me laugh.  See if you can figure out why before you scroll do...
Unlike many of you that live in say Canada or Alaska, it's Spring down here in North Carolina.  Has been for many months, and last week all the green leaves on the trees came out. So in honor of Spring, and to show you extreme Northeners what you can look forward too when the snow melts, here are...
Yesterday was a good day. It wasn't especially different than any normal day: get the crew started, do some estimates, do some paper work, a lot of driving, and a lot of time on the phone. But two customers made the day really good. And it was the simplest thing that did it: they both gave me a c...
Those of you that know me, know that my mind is always looking for the funny.  To those of you that don't know me, the same holds true.  Sorry we haven't met. So I saw a commercial a year or two back, that kept showing inanimate objects that actually had what looked like a smile on them.  Eyes an...
Ok, this just might be TMI or too personal for some of you, so be warned.   But funny can happen anywhere!  And in this case, it was completely unexpected.  But my brain is always looking for funny, even when I'm not conscious of it.  And so it found this funny smiley face.     And it was not in ...
****04/17/11 UPDATE:At the bottom is a couple of day after videos, to show the difference between the height of the stream flow & flooding, and a more normal state in my back yard. If you're interested to just see the difference, then look at videos #3 & #7 in the first set, and both in the secon...
DIRTY DUCTS In case you missed it, check out Jay Markanich's blog entry "We Just Bought An Efficient New Heat Pump And The House Still Isn't Comfortable" about ducts and their efficiency.   That blog post made me remember that occasionally, one should clean out their ducts, in addition to sealing...

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