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LAST NIGHT I am confident the storm had words with me. The thunder was not only in my ear, but it spoke in complete sentences. It's companion, lightning, was pretty much like a surgeon's light straight at my window.  A few things came to mind, as I am in a new house, learning new quirks, working ...
SURELY everyone is aware. But if not...Real estate professionals are still among the favorite targets for SCAMS in 2016.It is so bad that I have a few title companies who call and verify with me before they wire agent commissions! A CDA is no longer good enough...B E   C A R E F U L !We should li...
INVESTORS.I know. A lot of us Realtors love to hate investors. A lot of professionals believe investors are buzzard-like. That investors wait around to take advantage of desperate home sellers. Or real estate agents believe that investors do not make the necessary repairs to properties well enoug...
It's a sunshiny 80+ degrees this afternoon in Keller, TX, and I know what this means -- after a couple of months of wind, tornadoes, hail & flash flooding! This weekend in Keller I would guess 1 in 5 communities are organizing a neighborhood garage sale. I bet about 1 in 3 or more are going to an...
For those of us fortunate enough to still live in our hometown, the playing and replaying of all these Prince songs as his publicist confirms the news of his death is pretty emotional. I am sitting at the Keller Sonic grabbing a quick drink (it's hot!) and Raspberry Beret is in my ear just like i...
Today I am fighting the fight. Again.I listed a beautiful home in a golf course community in Trophy Club, TX and a few sites online have incorrectly listed it in another neighboring city!Can you imagine owning a home in one city, going through the weeks of hard work and expense of making it ready...
Here is a list of 5 things that need to be done before a home is listed for sell!1. Flower up curb appeal. Do the lawn and bushes look neatly manicured? Could it use more? Are pretty flowers or plants framing the entrance? Is the walkway free from cracks? Does it smell like blooms or manure as yo...
OPEN HOUSE TOUR! SUNDAY 4/24 from 1-4 pmParticipating Brokers of Highlands of Trophy Club 2813 Darlinghurst Rd.   This Sunday from 1-4 the real estate agents marketing the homes for sale located in The Highlands of Trophy Club are joining together to create an open house tour!What can you expect?...
I have said this before and I will say it as long as I am licensed, I love the question, "So, how's the market?" It makes me giggle, like it's not already front page news -- wait, it's 2016 -- I meant to say all over your Internet feed. But, to my liking and glory, people also love to hear the fi...
Abbott and Costello. Who's on 1st? That's how I feel when I get a real estate client referral I already have in the 1st place in my existing book of business.It's rare for me to take a relocation referral listing. Since I left Coldwell Banker as a 3 year old agent 9 or so years ago (I was on thei...

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