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There are so many stories... Drove away from the car lot with mom in a new Ford Probe in 1998 and went to the grocery store. A cart hit my car. Not the kind of T-bone we wanted. Driving another agent down 635 in Dallas and we get rear ended. Hard. About 2 weeks old, that car... Thanksgiving Day 2...
Wow. Today I closed out a sale in MLS. It closed this past week and I just entered the sales data. When I entered the buyer's agent, I noticed the license number. I almost passed out. In 12 years, I have only entered a few license numbers that begin with 01. Mine is 0514644, to give you an idea. ...
This weekend a couple of different people saw my business card and asked me the difference between a Realtor® and a Broker. I think what they are ultimately asking is the difference between a licensed Salesperson vs. a Realtor® vs. a Broker.The simple answer has to do with:(1) years of experience...
A few years back Paula Hamilton wrote a great article about the near impossibility of being able to work with a 15 minute showing window. Why? Because, to be 100% frank, even if that was THE only house I was showing, I can tell you straight up, consumers around here run late pretty much religious...
Fun throwback post:In my market there are some agents who put the funniest things in the agent private remarks section of MLS, as well as in their feedback solicitations. I noted that and wondered if a sense of humor in ads helps sell homes. Does it help to have a funny bone? Maybe? Or is it just...
Sometimes I hang up the phone and call back just to get a person with a little bit bigger brain on the line. Do you ever do that? Sometimes it's just to get someone who is nicer. Either way, I love it when I have an experience where common sense, a sense of humor and a good attitude prevail. Toda...
  The other day I got a real kick out of Pauline Donnelly's post about competition as it pertains to real estate agents in competition with one another, if you are one to look at it that way at all. I both agree with and very much appreciate her post, as we generally do all fit one category or an...
Today is my neice's birthday! Sassy little toot got boots. With glitter! Yesterday was my son's birthday! Games, books, Ripstik board. Two days ago it was my blog's birthday! Renewal bill from ActiveRain - haha! What do you remember about your birthdays as a child? I remember clowns. Mom hired a...
ChAnCe AnThOnY UeCkErT will be famous one day. You are one in a bazillion. Clever. Smart-butty, but we will call it "witty" ;) Funny. Empathetic. Scientist! Athletic. FASTEST KID IN SCHOOL?! Whhaaaaa? Strong! Spider-man wall-scaling abilities! An underwear-over-the-tights costumer. That took cour...
This is my blog's 5th birthday! How do I remember this day? Because I got the renewal bill notice. Haha. Just to be clear, it's a bill I don't mind paying. As we are all aware, writing can be therapeutic and the comments we give and receive, a true teacher. Blogs are also good for reminiscing. Wh...

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