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Sometimes my husband sets showings for me that come in through our relocation site or internet leads. He is a great screener and does regular follow ups on all of our active clients. (Thanks honey, couldn't do it without you!)One day he told me that when I was on the way back from dropping a gift...
I'm in a fun post mood tonight. Let's hear who you've had the opportunity to work with that could be famous or legendary...even infamous would be fine.Here's mine. I sold "Uncle Wilbur's" house. He is a local legend here in Colorado Springs and the sweetest man you'd ever want to meet. There is a...
Hi Everyone!Guess what? I was halfway watching DOG The Bounty Hunter on A&E. (I find that show so wierd that I love it!), and halfway reading in bed.  Anyway, he was in Colorado Springs chasing some guy and my husband says, "Honey, look! There's __________'s flip house on the DOG!" It was in a ve...
Hi Everyone!I'd like to know what the most encouraging thing your broker/peer has said to you! Things that, perhaps, helped you to develop your career or gain new perspective...maybe even break through to another level in your sales. Any comments are appreciated~
You know...the Colorado State Law says it's ok for a Real Estate Broker to pay a referral fee to a non-buyer, however RESPA says "no way". The only one that can receive incentive from the broker  is the Buyer (and it has to show on the HUD1 at closing). Unless you are a builder, then all bets are...
It's me again! I have been a broker for about 12 years now, but I just started my own brokerage, so I have lots of questions to ask experienced managing and owner/brokers. I am certainly a "I'll get it done faster and better if I do it myself." kind of person. Anyone out there like me? But now wi...
Hi Everyone! I relize that I'm a little "different" and that's the way God made me! :-) I have been selling in this market for about 12 years and have moved a few times until I opened my own Brokerage. The first place I worked, I chose by the name, because it had a name that represented a certain...

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