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Las Vegas residents, like some many others in other parts of the country, have been seeing their utility rates continue to go up every year. The push to go "green" is also getting stronger as well, which leads me to my question: Will the energy efficiency of  a property becoming more a major sell...
One thing is certain in the high rise market, never count a project completely down and out. The Las Vegas Central project has been around for years. Originally the project was going to be two 47 story towers located close to the convention center. The FAA nixed the original design, citing safety...
The success of the District in Green Valley has not gone unnoticed by other developers. In the wake of the mortgage crisis, commercial real estate seems to be largely unaffected. So its no surprise that developers are building more mixed use projects.Metreon Lofts is the latest entry in the mixed...
It seems to be a growing trend in new communities in Las Vegas. While many builders have slowed down considerably or switched to commercial projects (has anyone been to the strip lately?  There are still cranes everywhere), there seems to be a growing trend in new projects and those that are stil...
One of the things that seo experts talk about in blogging are different hooks. An effective hook is a great tool to gain links to your site. One of the oldest and still most successful is the ego hook. Recognition. We all like it. I mean, who doesn't like to be recognized for their hard work and ...
My buyer's agent just sent me this. Its absolutely adorable (and brilliant marketing on OfficeMax). Here is the link: You can make your own greetings of up to four elfs. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of getting pictures to look right.  Here is ou...
There was an interesting article in our local newspaper, the Las Vegas Review Journal. At first glance, it seemed like a typical notice----another project cancellation, this time, it was Spa Lofts. What made it unusual were the quotes from another developer in town. I put up a post up about the c...
Looking for something beyond the standard fare in high rise living? Want to live in an environmentally friendly community that co-exists with the environment and promotes green living?  Then Sullivan Square is the community you've been looking for.The exterior design of the towers is reminiscent ...
The sleepy little town of Boulder City is shedding that image in favor of a more hip, artsy place to live. Boulder City has spent a considerable amount of money making improvements to the downtown area, including information about the history of the town and featuring local artists and their work...
Yesterday I had some business downtown so on the way back I decided to stop by Newport Lofts since construction was just completed not to long ago. I met with the onsite agent who gave me the guided tour. The first floor still has some construction going on, as their first retail tenant is moving...

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